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starting on solids Lock Rss

ive just started my 5mth old daughter on solids this morning but she doesn't seem to like it. when i put the food in her mouth she sticks her tongue out and goes ahrrrrrr then makes her self choke on it. just wondering if this is normal for the first time or should i stop feeding her.

Salwa, 2 girls, sydney

Yes it's very normal! It may be that she isn't quite ready for solids at the moment....does she seem really interested when you are eating??

When i started Jack on solids, i just gave him a little taste...not a full meal until he got used to it.

AND we STILL spit food out, go ahrr and choke and we are 13 months!!

mum of 1

Hi Salwa

My son used to spit out rice cereal when I first gave it to him. I think most babies do as it's a new taste and texture. Just wait a couple of days and try again, she'll eventually get used to it.

Hope this helps
Jasmine smile
thanx i just might

Salwa, 2 girls, sydney

Hi Salwa,

My son did this too, at 5 months, i tried for a few days, but no luck. I waited another 2 weeks, and no probs, i think it was just too much too soon.


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Salwa
It sounds like it may be a bit soon for your little girl, if she's sticking her tongue out. See if she watches you intently when you're eating if she doesn't wait with the solids. If she does it could be that she really doesn't like the taste of the rice cereal, I have to mix a little bit of fruit into Liam's as he wont eat it plain. He spits it out and even goes so far as to purse his lips if he doesn't like what I'm giving him. Just wait til she starts with the rasberries with her mouth full. Thats good.

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