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When do u start to stop bottles? Lock Rss


My little one is 13mths and has 3 good size meals per day + morning and afternoon tea + 3x200ml cows milk bottles per day. Does anyone know when I should start to pull the plug on these bottles?



Hi teesh
You should do it slowly.
With Aimee I took away her morning bottle at about 13 months and she never missed it. then I took away the afternoon bottle about a month later but that didnt go down well so I introduced a cup of milk in the morning (I had to make banana milkshakes as she refused to drink plain milk from a cup) then started giving her a cup in the afternoon as well, now she only has a bottle at night before bed.

The only reason I started to wean her off the bottle was because she was still on soy formula and it was too expensive and she just used to plat with it most of the time.

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

Depends on how attached they are to the bottle and how much they rely on it for comfort. My daughter was never overly interested in her bottle and gladly switched to a cup at 13-14 months. It took less than a week. A friend however has a 2.5 year old who has just given up their bottle, as they needed it for comfort. It took them a number of months to make the switch.
Also, as long as they are still getting the dairy in their diet, it doesn't have to be milk - yoghurt, custards and cheese can also be used if they won't drink sufficient milk from a cup.

mum to 2 girls

I saw my maternal health nurse today for my little boy's 12 month assessment. She said that at this age they should not have more than 600mls of dairy each day. This includes all dairy (milk, cheese, yoghurt, etc). Luke is currently having 600mls of milk each day, plus a tub of yoghurt and lots of cheese, so I need to cut back. Since he went on to cow's milk, his poo has been really sloppy, so she said this is because he's having too much milk.
She also said that bottles should be completely cut out by 12 months and they should drink all their milk (and water) from a cup. I'm not too sure of the reasons for this.
I was originally planning on getting rid of his bottles at 12 months (mainly because his sister had milk in a bottle before bed until she was three and it was really difficult to stop it)
However I've decided that it's not really a big deal if he keeps having bottles. He's still a baby and he really enjoys relaxing with his bottle. Maybe when he's 18 months, I'll reconsider.
Hi Michelle

Thanks for that info. I guess I should re-visit my health nurse since I haven't been for so long.

I have since taken away 1 bottle a day and replaced it with a cup, so I'll slowly do the rest as we go along.

My son also has lots of cheese and yoghurt each day, so I'll start to cut him back on milk intake a little. He drinks at least 4 cups of water per day (a lot I know), so I don't need to worry.

Thanks again to everyone who replied.



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