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My 8 month old won't drink water!! Lock Rss

My 8 month old boy won't drink water at all, he is a formula feed baby and with summer coming up he really needs to start drinking water, I have been trying for a while by just keeping offering it to him but no luck. Any ideas on how to get him onto water, I not willing to try any sugary stuff because I think that is 1. bad for teeth and 2. setting him up to have major problems later on. Thanks smile
Try watering down his formula. That's what I used to do.
So a 150ml bottle with 200mls of water instead of 150ml.
Then I would slowly reduce down.
Putting very diluted formula in a sippy cup.

Then one day I tired just water and it worked!

maybe its not that he doesn't like it, but isn't thirsty....

when the weather gets warmer, he may love it!
My DD is FF and before she was 6 months I used to give her 10 mls of water in bottle before her one of her feeds for constipation. When she started solids I tried a sippy cup and she wasn't interested, so I gave it to her in a cup and she loved it, everytime I bought the cup out she got excited, even though she was pretty much covered in water with every sip! Now she drinks it out of a sippy cup. I am with you when it comes to sugary stuff!!
I started off giving my DD water from a cup as she too wouldn't drink from a sippy cup. However with a bit of patience she has now learnt how to suck, it just takes time for them to get used to the idea. Still won't hold the sippy cup by herself but thats another thing to overcome!
Try warming it up??


if you have trouble with the sippy cup - as i have - soak a face washer and let him suck on it, great for when they are teething as it nice and cool and they can grind their gums against it and that way he gets some water, my DD loves this.

HI there, my son is almost 9 months and I had the same trouble up until about 1 weeks ago. I tried 4 different types of sippy cups to no avail, i tried warming the water up, tied it really cold, tried it at room temperature, that didn't work either. I then started to spoon feed him water in between his solids. He would obviously eat it up as he thought it was food.. Initially he would spit it back out, but slowly more and more would go down. I was not offering him water any other way only via a spoon, yes i know might sound crazy, but it has worked. Then i began giving him water in his normal avent milk bottle, i would put the teat in his mouth and squirt it in, as he would not suck as he knew it was water, and surely everyday he began drinking more and more. As he bgain increasing the amount, i stopped squeezing it in. He now drinks it out of the milk bottle in between feeds, when ever i offer it he takes some. He started off drinking only 5 mls per day, now we are up to about 80 mls on warmer days and around 50 and colder days. The most important thing is that it is increasing every day. He still has 750mls of milk per day, plus 3 meals and 1 snack. This may sound like a tedious process but it worked for me

Now i realise he is 9 months soon (4.5 weeks prem)and he is not drinking out of a cup - but it is more important that he keeps his fluids up rather than master the cup. I guess you do what you have to do.
Best of luck and I hope i have helped you- you are not alone let me assure you!!!!
[Edited on 19/09/2008]
Thank you that has helped alot. I think I just need to be patient and not be so hang up on what is expected of him at this age because as we all know babies do things in their own time. Thanks again, Rachael smile
Why dont you just try giving him water out of a bottle?

I had the same problem with my 7 month old. I tried in the sippy cup and he didnt like it so i gave it to him out of a bottle (as he was use to the bottle having had formual for 1 month) and now he has the taste for the water and when i give him the sippy cup, he drinks it.

It worked for me!
Thanks but Ive tried that, its not that he dislikes the sippy cup its the water thats the problem. I'll just keep trying smile
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