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Help my 11 month old is spitting food out! Lock Rss

Hello Everyone

is this normal? he started doing it yesterday and its not fun!!!

He was spitting out his food at lunchtime and in the afternoon when I gave him his fruit!

We usually cook his lunch meals and usually he eats anything not fussy at all!

Should I now try and feed him something different for lunch tomorrow or keep trying with that food we have already prepared for him?



melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

Hi melissa

Was he chewing it then spitting it out or just refusing to even have it in his mouth?

Aimee went through a stage at about 11-12 months where she would chew her food then spit it out, then she was really good and ate it all for a few months and now at 15 months she chews her sandwiches then spits them out and gives it to me to put in the rubbish.

Maybe he wants something different, can you freeze the prepared food for a later date.

Have you tried letting him feed himself, Sometimes Aimee will only eat if she can feed herself, she loves spagetti.

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

My 10.5month old is doing exactly the same thing. She chews her food, then rather than swallowing it spits it all straight out. Sometimes she doesnt even bother to chew it, just spits it out as soon as it hits her mouth. Our child health nurse assures me that this is a fairly common faze they go through and hopefully will grow out of soon. She did say to encourage finger foods and self feeding as they're starting to want to feel like big kids now.... i'd just be happy if Ella would eat 1 mean without me wearing most of it!!

Good luck

Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

Hello Mummy to 1 and Bel

thank you so much for your replies!I was hoping it is just a phase!

Patrick sometimes chews his food then spits it out and sometimes you give the food to him and he spits it straight out!

I ended up making him something else and he seems to be eating it so fingers crossed

thanks again


melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

My 10 month old does it too!What he does is - jams all his food in his mouth,until his cheeks are bulging - then chews,chews,chews forver - the spits it out in my hand!LOL

Marti, NSW, Baby Boy born on 17th July 2003

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