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Hi there

My nearly 6mth old loves his vegies, at the moment we are only having pumpkin and sweet potato. What veg should I try next??

Any suggestions??

Thanks Carolyn

Poo? Hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha!
Love ya smile
lol you goose!! have you been making them yourself?

OK I am guessing you two know each other!!pmsl!

My little one is having a lovely mix of potato, pumpkin, carrot & broccoli at the moment, thats what I made yesterday.

I think I went to adding carrot once she was used to pot and pump.

I tried corn but no good to puree!
I would try beans next. Just be careful with sweet vegies as they can get a preference for sweet things. So I always give the blander vegies first (he's tried almost every vegie now) then give him pumpkin or sweetcorn, or carrot after.

hope this helps smile

Yeah we know each other- a bit unfortunate really-hahaha!
smile Carolyn !
My DS loves pumpkin and sweet potato too! I usually add either brocolli or zucchini. He loves both, plus the green vegies are really good for them! I never tried the green vegies on their own as they are easier for DS to chew mixed in with something more starchy.
I just tried mixing sweet corn into the pumpkin and DS loved it. My bub loves pear and apple too.

hahaha Lisa - u're a bogan head
Sorry Carolyn no suggestions just had to have my say!

Haha Lisa you are a crack up! tongue

Carolyn I'm so slack I haven't made any pureed food myself yet but buy the jars so we have these mixtures together - pumpkin and sweetcorn, pumpkin, potato and carrot, carrot and rice, pears, apple, fruit salad, kumara and sweetcorn.

Here are the "stage 1" recommendations from watties for around 6 months:
Apple, apricot (no skins), avocado, bana, carrot, cassava, chicken, courgettes, fish, kamokamo, kumara, lentils, marrow, meat purees, nashi pears, nectarine, peaches, pears, potato, pumpkin, taro, yams.

Hope that helps you

Lisa - you smell like poo:) hahahah go for it Jennika mummy will love it

I think we will try carrot, or brocolli

oh potato and carrot have not tried that one yet...i to have been to lazy to make my own food yet as vegetables are soo expensive in New Zealand. Adam is eating potato, peas, brocoli today...mmmm yummy!!!

Jess - which brand is the potato and carrot??

ohh i lie i have done one batch of pumpkin...but have not given it to Adam yet as i don't want him spewing bright coloured vegetables on the carpet while he is still sick!!!


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