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Veges, yuck! Lock Rss

Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone else is or has experienced problems with their bub not enjoying their veges?
My son is 10 months old and he has always been a really good, big eater who has loved his veges in the past. Now just in the last two weeks or so he really doesn't enjoy them. He will only open his mouth a tiny bit, if at all and tends to just sit there with it in his mouth as opposed to just swallowing.
I want him to enjoy his meal times. He still gobbles up fruit, snacks, toast, cereal, cheese etc., just not veges.
I have tried the following to "enhance" the taste for him. Adding cheese, cottage cheese, baked beans, spagetti, rice, and chicken stock. I have also mixed a bit of beef and vege soup, pumpkin soup and pea and ham soup for extra flavour. None of the above have really excited him. Tonight I tried vegemite added to the veges (thanks for the tip Bek) but unfortunately, still no go.
I also varied the time I gave it to him eg. lunch not dinner and also ensured he was really ready to eat.
Maybe this is just a stage he's going through. I heard babies can go through a very fussy eating stage but I was hoping it wouldn't happen until after one year as they say.
Not sure. Anyone had similar probs or have any suggestions?

Laura DS July 03, DD Oct 05, DD Nov 08

My daughter is only five months but if she is the same I'm going to give her what she likes I.E fruit and cheese. I think all babies go through phases, I know I loved beetroot as a baby, hated it as a child and love it as an adult. As you know, your tastes change, babies are little people and are no different.

Baby: Jessika

HI there,

My son is a HUGE eater & he went off his vegies when he started to get his first teeth. I spoke to my health nurse regarding this & she said it is quite a common thing. Is he getting any teeth at the moment??? Hope this is the answer to your problem. If not, I have no idea!!!!! Sorry.

(He did get his appetite back fairly quickly though!!!)

Good luck.

Michelle - Mum to 2

Hi Laura,
I too had the same problem and posted the same queries. The advice I got was great (see Refuses his Veg/Veggies), teething was my main problem but so far nothing's come through yet.
My health centre nurse said some mums use gravy, I tried it but no help.
I also moved veggie feed to lunch as if he didn't eat it he got nothing else and I didn't want him waking during the night as he was hungry. Liam even refused the tinned veggies, still does.
One night I got out the tomato, BBQ, and steak sauce out of the cupboard had a separate plate which I mixed his veggies with the sauce. I only got to the tomato sauce and he gobbled it up. He went from eating none to eating 6-8 veggie ice blocks. I've got a low salt variety for him.
I've had lots of people tell me to be careful as its high in salt, but I tell them I'd rather he eat it with sauce than not at all. I try him without it every couple of days but he clams his lips together. So sauce it is. I've got some tinned tomato that I might try too.
I ahve a friend that her kids rarely eat veggies and they're constantly sick. I don't want that.

member since 2004

If you like, i have a home made tomato sauce recipe for babies that you can try. I've not ried it myself though so don't know what it's like.

mum of 1

That would be great. You can email me at [email protected]
Not sure how to break this habit, but for now we'll keep up the tomato sauce.

member since 2004

Hi guys,
Thanks so much for your replies.
I will try tom. sauce tonight, you never know.
Jo, I'd also love the tom. sauce recipe. I'll check here or you can email me at [email protected] Thanks so much.
This will sound quite gross but last night I tried his veges which I mixed with a bit of stewed pear and breast milk, and wow he gobbled it up. It's strange, he doesn't just have a sweet tooth though because he still loves toast, cheese, and vegemite crackers etc.
It's not like I am forcing it down his throat, I always try and if he's not keen well, I don't push it. I don't want to make meal times a battle just yet!
Thanks again all
Laura smile

Laura DS July 03, DD Oct 05, DD Nov 08

Now that you mention it my hcn suggested putting some stewed apple in with Liams veggies. I put milk and margarine in when I mix it up. If Liam doesn't eat then I usually don't give him anything else, unless we're trying something new as usually it means he doesn't like it.
Good Luck

member since 2004

Quick tomato sauce

2 med-lrg ripe tomatoes, peeled & chopped
1 level tbsp ground rice
1 tsp finely chopped chives
pinch of basil powder
pinch of oregano powder
1/4 cup chicken stock

Put tomatoes &ground rice into a med sized saucepan, stir to mix, then add fresh chives and dried herbs. Stir, cook over a med heat for 3-4 mins to blend seasonings. Stir in chicken stock, cover and simmer over a low heat until mixture thickens approx 5-6 mins, stirring twicce. Sieve, then cool and chill until requireed.

You could also try cooking the veggies in some unsalted stock if you can find it, i use salt reeduced. Or try different blends. One of my friends put custard with everything as her son wouldn't eat his veggies!! YUK!!! They could also be moving onto the next stage where they want something a bit tastier.

mum of 1

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