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VERY confused re feeding solids etc!! please help! Lock Rss

Our DD is 8mths old. reading the other posts on here i am really confused as to what i can try feeding her!! The problem is that she doesnt have any teeth yet either so i am not sure if she can try some things cos she has none??
She has recently gone off solids a bit cos she seems to be teething worse lately. She loves her formula (shes on s26 for reflux) and she drinks 4 bottles a day (240mls a bottle) but sometimes only drinks 200mls. I give her farex mixed with pureed fruits or veges but i am not sure how many times a day she should be eating solids, and what i can give her?
And is giving fingerfoods at this age a good idea? like fingers of toast etc? Any help would be great as this is our first baby and i have no idea!! i dont want her eating pureed food for ages!!

[Edited on 19/10/2008]

Our baby is nearly 1!!!


We followed this booklet called "From Milk to More"... it covers everything in an easy to follow way

Dont let the fact she has no teeth stop you, my DD was eating toast, lumpy foods, rusks, cruskits etc with no teeth from about 7 months - we didnt puree for very long at all... some babies cope with this ok so give it a go. At first they tend to play with finger foods but eventually more goes in their mouth than on the floor smile

Its all a bit hit and miss when you are starting out so dont stress too much about amounts and how often, you will eventually work towards breakfast, lunch and dinner.
babies can start on puree baby food from 4months depending on the baby & if there showing an interest in food & disinterest in the bottle or still not satisfied after a feed. I started with puree fruit mine loves apple, then puree vegies, then smooth baby custard. As the baby gets older you can swap to a thicker baby food, you'll notice the consistency will change in baby food from stores. If you want to make it yourself then buy some to show you how thick it should be. Toast i would leave til shes older for she could choke especially if shes just starting. try arnotts arrowroot biscuits babies like to suck on them if she takes a big chunk out take it out of her mouth as she'll choke.
Make sure she's upright in a high chair, one that reclines if she cant sit up by herself for long periods. BIBS. Only use plastic baby spoons metal ones will hurt their gums. You can get baby yogurt if you want to try her on that.
When just starting introduce small amounts of the one food at a time. She needs to learn how to open & swallow food, its so different from sucking on a teat, she may resist at first but persist & be patient, dont wear your best clothes either as you may wear some of it to. Start with a few spoons at a time. Fruit or custard to start with, mine has this for luch & puree vegies for dinner, you could do it this way to or adapt to your baby.

Hope this helps you.
Hi bel gemma,
My DS is now 8 1/2 months old, he has 2 bottom teeth and is now onto 3 meals a day + breastfeeds.
I started off giving steamed pureed veges or fruit for early lunch, adding something new every couple of days until I had built up a good variety to give him, then mixed different ones together to introduce new tastes.
Now he has baby muesli and pureed fruit for breakfast, lunch is either pureed fruit or veges, and dinner is meat and vege with pureed fruit for desert. Sometimes he eats heaps, other times hardly anything. Am slowly trying to introduce a more textured food, but it can be hard he just spits out any lumps that are too big.
If he is off his food due to a cold or teething I just give him pureed fruit as I think it's better he takes something he likes than nothing at all.
Am also starting to give finger food for lunch, sticks of celery, fingers of bread - no crust, finger of cruskits etc - all he does with it is play at the moment so hope with doing it every day he eventually gets the idea as it will help with him accepting more lumpy foods.
Other finger foods to try are: thin strips of raw peeled carrot, peas, apple - wrapped in muslin, finger of grilled steak.

This is the feeding guide I followed:

6 months - milk feeds first + pureed brunch or early dinner
(pumpkin, avocado, carrot, corgette, beans, squash, beet)

7 months - milk feeds first + pureed brunch
(add apricot, apple, peach, pear, mango, papaya, ripe banana)
+ pureed early dinner
(add parsnip, cauliflower, broccoli)

8 months - 3-4 milk feeds
Textured breakfast in-between puree & mash - add grapes,
cherries, dates, figs, prunes, raisins, skinless plums -
finely chopped.
+Textured lunch & dinner - add spinach, brussel sprouts,
asparagus and small amounts of minced chicken, beef, lamb,
pork, veal, liver, kidney, well cooked egg yolks.
Needs meat 3 or 4 times a week.

If the fruit is out of season I just buy tinned fruit and stew it up then puree it, just make sure you get fruit in natural juice not syrup.

Hope this helps, it is such a big learning curve at this stage and I am still learning!!

there is a really good solids chart on, i have printed it out for quick reference on our fridge. it tells you what to feed when and how often etc etc.

thanks for the replies, that is some useful info. i have now been steaming veggies for her and pureeing them up which see still doesnt eat alot but i just keep offering it. sometimes she eats more than other times, she seems to like carrot& potato. And i have been giving baby custard and pureed fruit like banana etc as well.
I have tried her with fingers of toast (wholemeal) without the crust but she just ripped it in half! and didnt even try to eat it! i am not sure if she just isnt into finger foods yet? but i will give some of the other suggestions a go!

With the meat, how do you mince it up? i only have a stick blender thing. do u need an electric mixer?? sorry probably a sily question! & is all meat ok? how do u cook the different meats that is ok for babies before mincing it up?
thanks for all the help! solids can be confusing!

Our baby is nearly 1!!!

Hi bel gemma,
if offering bread only give white bread not the grain ones at this stage.
At the start with finger foods it is all about texture, they will play with more than they try to eat, and eventually will start to put it in the mouth and get the idea to bite it - you get a surprised baby when they realise it has a taste.
re the meat, I just simmer mince in a pot with a little bit of water then use stick blender once cooked - drain off the water first. You can give lamb, beef, chicken, pork and veal. To start with my baby didn't like the texture of the minced meat so after it was cooked I pushed it through a sieve for him to get used to the taste then eventually just used the whiz stick. Now I do a whole pot of meat & vege and whiz it all together, put in muffin tins and freeze.

You know what, all babies are different, some are not even ready for solid food until 8-9 months, it sounds like maybe your baby is one of these. And you don't need teeth to eat most things - gums make great chewing surfaces. Lettuce is the only thing that I have found that you need a whole set of gnashers to eat.

Don't be obsessed with the blender, your baby CAN manage finger foods - steamed veggies (broccoli, carrots etc) are a good place to start.

We fed our LO with mostly finger food, but we also gave her some mashed (NOT pureed) veggies and fruit to start with. Don't just offer bland foods, babies need flavour too.

As long as your baby is happy, helthy and gaining weight, there is nothing to worry about. She will eat in her own good time, just keep offereing and don't be upset if she refuses.

Mellowgirl - brown or wholegrain breads are so much helthier for your baby - why stick to claggy white bread when there is so much more to offer. The grains in multi-grain bread can't really be seen as a choking hazard, they are too small. I offered toast rather than bread, my LO found it easier to eat.
start with something like steamed fruit or vege pieces.
cooked pasta,
grated cheese and carrot (great for motor skills, and no choking hazard.)
then if it goes well you can start other things like
cheese cubes.
White bread better for babies.
Bubs need a LOW fibre diet, so wholemeal/grain bread not good. Also the reason there are baby cereals.... adult cereals too much fibre and not enough iron for bubs.
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