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3 months to early?fresh or caned ? Lock Rss

hi ladies my son 13 weeks,i want 2 start him on food as hes allways chewing his tonge n when i eat he'll watch me n put his hand in his he 2 yonge 4 it?n if i do start him sould i give him fresh home made food or caned?he all so has a lactose intoleront were pritty shore he had a rash from the normal s26 gold.any advice would be good on wat 2 to

if fresh food wat can they eat?

thank u
[Edited on 20/10/2008]
In my opinion it's too early. Most/all babies this age are too young to handle food. Their digestive tract is just not ready. Their main source of nutrition is milk up until 9-12 months.
Chewing his tongue could be teething or just an action having just found his tongue.
Babies at this age watch everything- he may just be looking at you because he loves you!
This age is also an age of exploration and he has probably just discovered his hand and where he can put it.

When you do start, if you have the time, making it yourself would be great. It will save you money, plus you know exactly what's in it. You can freeze single serves to pop out when it's food time.

I would suggest talking to a doctor or CHN about it. They generally don't advise it unless they see a need for it. They can also help with the lactose intolerance.

Good luck with your little one- I hope you go see someone about this matter- it's not to be taken lightly.
I would try and hold off a bit longer if i were you however, he is your son and you should do what you feel is right. with my DD i started her with a little rice cereal to begin with, they dont need much at all and not with every meal either normally. Then i moved onto homemade plain steamed vegies, just one at a time for at least a few days in the row of the same food to get them used to it before inroducing a new one.
I have been think about starting my DS on solids he is nearlly 17 weeks old but i have necided to try and hold off for one more month and see how i go.


maybe try wait til his 4 months becuase you can buy some heinz food for 4-6months or try farex that is from 4months all my 3 started 4months and they are great lil eaters and i had no prob with any of them but talking to your local child health nurse mighht be better

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hi, i started my little man on farex about 1-2weeks ago(i cant remember exactly when) cuz he was drinking 200mls of milk every 2.5-3hrs then crying cuz there was none left(it wasnt because of wind or anything) he would stare while i was eating and opens his mouth as soon as a spoon goes near it. he is 3mths 2weeks 4days to be exact lol he isnt to sure of the farex but he eats it, ive also tried him on potato, banana & arrowroot bikkies with warm water on them so they go soggy i just put his formula in there. i was told this was fine by my GP and linkon loves his food. i also started a post in newborns feeding if u wanna have a look at what other ladies have said. good luck. renee
[Edited on 21/10/2008]

You have got to do what you think is right. I started my daughter earlier than suggested because she was guzzling formula. It was literally a half teaspoon of farex mixed with formula. It can be made as runny as you want and the heinz fruit is runny as well.
Doctors are always changing their opinions about when to start giving them solids - so if you think he might want something then give it a go. If it doesn't agree then give it another couple of weeks and try again - it's all trial and error.

Oh just ensure that bubs is happy to drink water - that can help with going to the toilet.

Good luck smile

Bubby Kaitlyn
10th Jan 08
The current recommendation is 6mths but is was 4mths years ago. I know my neice started at 4mths and that was 10yrs ago. I also started my DS at 4mths at he was devouring 5 x 260ml bottles a day and wanting more.

If you really want to start on solids I would definately hold off until your DS is 4mths (17wks so I was told). What he is doing now is exploring and being observant which is good. Just don't push food onto your DS if he refuses it.

If you decide to start early do it slowly and fresh is best when it comes to feeding, but there is nothing wrong with with commercial food. Start with farex made runny with formula at lunch so you can see if bub has a reaction. After 4 or so days of this you could add some pureed pear. Then after a few more days add another puree with the farex.

You will find farex may constipate bub so I also added some prune juice to the farex. The fruit/veges I used at the start were apples, pears, carrots, pumpkin, potato, sweet potato.

There are a lot of good books about and 'Feeding your Baby' in the Parenting Section is pretty good.

I started my little one on farex at 3 months coz he seemed to be wanting just a bit more than milk. He took to it really well so by the time he was 4 months, he was having some custard, then veggies. He loves his food and still has his 3 bottles a day as well. He's 6 months now and thriving.
One thing i have learnt is that if you feel that your baby is ready for more than give them what you feel is best. Every parent does things differently so follow what you feel is best for your baby.

Hope that helps, good luck
I too gave my little man farex at 3 months. Just a little bit at first. From 4 months I introduced potato, then carrot, pumpkin and then I did different mixtures of each. I introduced fruit after I did the vegies. I did listen to that part smile They say that if you introduce fruit first they may not eat the vegies as the little ones like the "sweet" foods. DS is nearly 1 and he eats EVERYTHING! He has never been a big bottle baby and has drank out of a cup for months. You know what is best for your baby so listen to yourself and do what you feel is right,

Good luck with everything!

I too thought my son was ready for solids at the same age as he was doing the same things as your son!
My advice, is dont do it! We had a little angel of a child then we started him on food and he turned into the devil! He wouldnt sleep etc. It was simply because he wasnt ready and it was too strong for his tiny tummy. He has just turned 6 months old now and we have tried again and he is doing great! Everything your son is doing, sounds like normal development to me. I would not start him yet, but its your choice and if you are dead set on starting him on solids, start slow with just a tablespoon of either farax cereal or pureed fruit. Dont give him any meat or potatoes as i found these to be too strong for my little one.
They are changing the recommendation from 6 months back to 4 months as the companies that make the jars are now realizing that all babies are different.
I would definitely try and hold out until at least 4 months or so before starting on solids. Just my opinion.
How many feeds does he have during the day and how often??
The world health organisation recomend that 6 months is the MINIMUM age that you should start introducing solids. Before 6 months the gut is not mature enough to cope with them. you can even do your baby damage - know people with IBS? Can be caused by early introduction of solids. Even between 6 months and 12 months babies still get the majority of their nutricion from milk.

Yes, they do change the goal posts, but as new more relevent and detailed research is done they are discovering the mistakes of yesteryear.

Oh and the world health organisation.....thats the people who do the real research involving people all over the world from all socio-economic backgrounds, not the people who make baked beans for a living and try to sell more baby food to unsuspecting mothers by putting 'from 4 months' on their jars!
[Edited on 28/10/2008]
My daughter is 3 months.She is lactose intolerant, and silent reflux.My baby nurse has suggested starting her on farex.She has been having farex now for 6 days, and loves it.I put the spoon up to her mouth and she opens it straight away, and she chews it and swollows great, i have had no problems what so ever.My first son was 8 weeks when i started him, he is now 7 and thriving.My second son was 12 weeks and took to it like a duck to water.You will know yourself when your little one is ready for solids or not.I have huge babies, and honestly they would of been starving if i had waited till they were 6 months.They were all ready for solids early and i gave it to them and they are all fine.
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