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I have been giving my little 5.3mth old rice cereal since last thurs. She likes it more and more each day I give it to her. She is taking more too. I make it up with 1tbs of rice cereal and then formula to make it smooth. Warmed up too.

I'm not real sure on what comes next. Do I just increase the rice cereal once she starts to eat it all and if so for how long do I do that for? Or do I start on one veg?

Direction please! smile

After rice cereal i moved onto Apples and then vegies. I suppose you could do both, increase and add something else. Maybe a little more rice cereal and a spoon of apples.. YOu could even add them together.

both my kids started off on veg before rice cereal so im sure your lil one will be fine to start eating some fruit and veg. there first food was pureed potato and pumpkin then i gradually starting introducing other foods like parsnip, carrot, swede, and pureed apple or pears in the rice cereal.
one of DS's first foods was mashed banana, i think he was 6.5 months when he started eating that. Just take it slowly and introduce one new fruit or veg at a time. good luck

I pureed pears, apples and pumpkin for bubs. I couldn't give him rice cereal or sweet potato as it caused constipation. I fed 1 tsp, then increased by a tspn each day until I reached 2tbspns. Then I started a second meal in the day following the same process. Then did the same to move onto the third meal. Good luck!

i haven't started yet with DS but my sister who has 3 boys added fruits/veges to the rice cereal gradually. it gets them used to the different tastes. gradually she then just gave them the rice cereal at breakfast and the veges/fruits by themselves for lunch and dinner.

I tried rice cereal with my girls but they wouldn't eat it, so we had stewed apples, then pears, then pumpkin after that..
I really recomend Baby lead solids / weaning (doo a G00gle search for a great blog from the uk). It is a really healthy and thoroughly enjoyable approach to feeding your little one. We did a slightly mixed approach where we fed some mashed (not puree) food in the early days when she was developing her hand to mouth co-ordination. From 9 months old my LO was enjoying snadwiches, steamed veggies, pasta and basically anything that the family was eating and there was not a blender or masher in sight. Finger food is a much more natualy approach than purees and if you do wish to spoon feed a bit why not mash with a fork instead leaving it more chunky.

The big thing to remember is that there is a big difference between gagging (which your little one will do loads of while she learns her limitations) and choking (which in 6 months of using this technique my DD has never done). Gagging is a natural part of learning to eat. Remember eating is a social occasion too, your LO is never too young to sit at the table while you all eat, she will enjoy the company and conversation while learning some table manners from the start.
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