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What do other 10 month olds eat? Lock Rss


Just wondering what other 10 month olds eat for lunch and dinner.

hi my 10 month old eats all sorts of things
He has 3 bottles per day generally 600mls to 750mls per day and 80mls to 160mls of water.
breakfast, weetbix with mashed fruit & piece of toast either raisin bread, or wholemeal bread
lunch, home made soup/ mashed veggies & meat either veal, lamb, chicken or fish. afternoon tea has tub of yoghurt, with mashed fruit, wedge of watermelon or some other finger food. dinner he has our food i do cook seperate for him becuase we eat a fair amount of chilli and pepper, but it's the same food, just without those items. so it could be a roast or bbq, or lasagna. I really let him experiment with finger food, and now at ten months he eats decent sized little cubes and chews rather well. if our dinner is not suitable i sometimes just give him avocado with ricotta cheese and pasta with grated cheese. he also eats fetta. i honestly took it real slow at the start but he did rather well, now i am more relaxed with it all. he loves all veggies and fruit so it makes it easy to cook & feed. he isn't picky at all which makes it enjoyable for me to cook for him

the only foods i am yet to give him is cabbages, beans lentils asparagus egg whites and shellfish and nuts of course
I'm completely with zachary25, by 10months old your baby should definately be eating or at least starting to eat family foods but with the obvious modifications that zachary 25 mentioned ie alligens - no shellfish, eggs, nuts etc. You would be surprised what children will eat if you offer it to them. For us, I have little portions of bolonaigse sauce frozen which i can whip out and serve with pasta on the rare occasion that we are eating something that is totally unsutable for her. IF your LO is still developing their eating skills, just give them time and plenty of practice and you would be surprised how quickly they improve.
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