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Eating only Baby food from jars........ Lock Rss

My 8 month old is having 2 - 3 meals of solids a day. Most of his food comes from a jar. I try to make him fresh stuff but he doesnt seem to really like much of what i have tried. He seems to really like the pureed food out of the jar and often gags when i feed him stuff i have prepared, even if it is pureed. Especially the vegetables.
Im sure he will take to it eventually.
Just wondering if other mums have the same thing and what you think about baby food from jars?
Do you think it is bad that that is all he is eating?

baby boy

Hi Ladybird

In the book Babylove by Robin Barker, she says that jars of food are nutritious and if thats all your baby will eat don't worry - just try to introduce some finger foods as well. The only problem is that the texture is limited. Have you tried mixing some home-cooked vegies in with the jar food? He might not notice it and you could start with just a little and keep increasing the amounts. You can't make them eat what they don't like, and like you said I'm sure he will take to it eventually. Also during the first 12 months most of their nutrition is supposed to come from milk - whether breastmilk or formula. My son won't eat any food from a jar apart from the sweet ones which can be a bit of a pain when we go out as jars are much easier when you're out and about.

Hope this helps
Have you tried recycling the baby food jars, by filling them with your own food? Those jars are perfect for it.

Pamela, SA, mum to Lisa 23.10.03


I was about to suggest the same as Pamela!

It's amazing how quick they familarize themselves with things. Also if your mixer or whatever doesn't quite get it smooth enough, you can put it thru a strainer and push thru any extra lumps.



DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Ladybird!

When I read your letter it saved me writing one. I think it would have been almost the same word for word! I have a 7 1/2 month old little girl who has been having difficulty with solids. She doesn't really seem to like them that much. She did when she was younger but went off them when teething. Anyway, she has just started to get back in to them but seems to only want to eat babyfood from a jar. I puree fresh veggies for her and I swear it is the same consistancy as the food from the jar, but she gags and refuses to eat it. I think I will try and mix in some fresh veggies with the jar food. Let me know if you have any luck.
Brookelin's Mum

Just a suggestion but you could try adding your own puree to the jars and gradually increasing it. maybe if its slowly introduced, he may not notice that its changing.


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