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7 1/2 mo - breakfast or milk first, dropping milk feeds? Lock Rss

Hi, my DS has been eating solids for about 2 1/2 months, and our typical schedule until recently has been:

6:30/7am - breastfeed
8am - cereal/fruit and a bit of water
9:30-11am - nap
11am - breastfeed
12pm - lunch plus a bit of water
1:30-3pm - nap
3pm - breastfeed and afternoon tea (usually toast fingers or rice cake)
5:30/5:45pm - dinner
6:30pm - breastfeed
7pm - bed
10pm - dreamfeed (I'm in the process of dropping this by pulling it back 1/2 hour for a few nights in a row etc)

I've recently begun trying to exercise in the morning, and am expressing a bottle for DH to give DS. However, DS takes about 40mls and then loses interest (starts chewing on teat or pushing it out - in the past we've had little problem giving him a bottle). DH then gives him breakfast, leaving me to try to either give the rest of the bottle or breastfeed. What I'm unsure of is when to give the milk? Should I try at 8am, as I've previously done with the solids? Or try just before his nap (which means he might end up feeding to sleep)?

My other concern is that he's losing interest in the 11am feed, and I'm wondering if this one, too, should be given after his lunch? I've read in all the books that there comes a time when your baby may prefer solids then breast, but I'm also concerned about feeding him to sleep for each nap...

And how many milk feeds are 'normal' at this stage (7 1/2 to 8m)? I should mention that he's generally pretty happy and is growing well.

thanks in advance for any tips!
Hi there, I know it's all very confusing but I can tell you my experience! My now 10 month old dropped his 11am feed at 7.5 months and so I upped his dairy at lunch (yoghurt, cheese etc) and introduced water in a sippy cup. He then had 3 feeds per day, before breakfast, 2.30 pm and 7pm before bed.
It sounds like your bub may not be hungry for morning milk because of the late dreamfeed so after you have dropped this he might drink more?
Now at 10 months we are on 2 feeds per day, at 7am before breakfast, and at bedtime 7pm.
Good luck!

Advice I've received is that milk comes first to 9 months, maybe drop the afternoon tea snack if you are worried about milk consumption declining too much - although with the introduction of solids it is normal that it will decline a bit. We only introduced morning and afternoon tea after DD was 12 months old otherwise she wouldnt drink her milk.
I think your answer lies in how much you want 2 bf. My bub is still feeding 6 times a day but I am working hard to get him eating 3 very good solids meals a day. I talked to my health nurse about it and she said usually you do a BF before solids until 9mths. But I have to go back to work when bubs is 10mths and he won't take a bottle so I am aiming to be at 2 or 3 feeds a day by then. She suggested I switch to meals before breast at 8mths to enable this. So the question is - how long to do you want to breastfeed for - length of time and quantity. I think the answer to that will tell you you what step to take next. Good Luck!

I think you need to take a more relaxed approach. Milk (be it BM or ABM) is the most important think for a baby under 12 months. Real food is very much take it or leave it, but milk is still vitally important. Obviously the morning feed is a little difficult for you since you are now excercising at that time (good on ya, wish i had that motivation!). Could your hubbie do the breakfast thing and then you feed him when you get back? I don't really understand why you would want to cut out that feed when milk is still so vitally important at his age. Also with the dream feed, you might find that your baby will start to wake in the night again if you drop this feed. Are you happy to be up again in the night with him? Is it an issue for you to give this 11pm feed? You have suceeded in growing your little boy on Breast milk alone for 6 months, why cut him off now when it is still so important?

As for how many feeds are normal, it really does depend on your child and how much you want to breastfeed. My LO was probably on about 4-6 day feeds and 3-4 night feeds (be thankful you have a sleeper!) And she was sittting down with us for 3 meals a day, she ate what she wanted and topped up and snacked on Breast milk. Your scedule as it stands sounds very normal, if it's working I wouldn't go changing it too much.

HAve you considered replacing BF's with Cows milk when your LO hits 12 months and weaning that way?
[Edited on 28/10/2008]
Thanks lolom, very helpful! I have also wondered if dropping the dreamfeed might increase intake in the
Posted by: nilmerg19
Could your hubbie do the breakfast thing and then you feed him when you get back? I don't really understand why you would want to cut out that feed when milk is still so vitally important at his age.

I'm not trying to cut out this feed; I was really just wondering whether anyone had any experience with giving solids first at this age (since my DS is refusing the bottle) and then what time they gave the milk feed after that (i.e. immediately after or a little later). I was starting to feel like expressing the bottle was a waste of milk if I was just going to breastfeed him anyway once I returned to the house.

I just wanted to thank everyone for their advice, too. I think your posts have confirmed some underlying suspicions/concerns I've had that I might have done the solids thing too much/too quickly (especially given DS losing interest in certain feeds...). We're beginning to cut back on the solids we're giving, in the hopes that he'll become more interested in the breast again (contrary to how it might sound from my original post, I really love BF'ing!). It's hard when you get conflicting advice from books/grandparents/MCHN, isn't it?? My own mother started us on solids in the seventies at three weeks!! And when we went for our six-month check-up, my MCHC said I could go all out with the solids. Perhaps I read into it too much to mean give him more each meal...anyway, will be cutting back. Thanks again, everyone. cheers, Lisa

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[Edited on 29/10/2008]
I wouldn't cut back what he is eating, just don't stress if he doesn't eat much - some days he will be hungrier than others.

From 6 months you should offer a wide range of foods for him to 'play' and 'experiment' with. Just keep up your regular breastfeeds and you won't be at risk of early weaning (if thats what you are worried about). We always offered our DD 3 meals a day from 6 months and then about 9-10 months solid snacks too. She still enjoys 4-8 BF a day.

Don't doubt yourself and just go with what you think is right for yourself and your child.
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