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How to wean onto milk? Lock Rss

I was just wondering how to wean my one year old onto milk now instead of formula? She was a lactose intolerent baby so I am weaning her off onto soy milk. She still has 3 bottles a day so do I just start giving her soy milk only or do I start slowly by giving her one bottle of soy a day and gradually increasing it? Also does anyone still give their one year olds bottles or do you give them their milk in a cup?

Hayley''s going to be a big sister smile EDD 3.3.10

From 6 months you should introduce water in a cup with meals. And from 12 months you should offer all liquids in cups, not bottles. Bottles and increase the chances of tooth decay. As to how quickly to replace the formula with milk, i think there is no right or wrong way to do it. Personally I would take a gradual approach and replace on of the bottles with a cup of milk for now and get her used to that first rater than suddenly changing everything she is used to in one foul swoop.
Hi Hannah,

I have a 12 month old as well, What i have done from about 11 months i slowly introduced cows milk along with his formula. by 12 months he was drinking 3 times a day 150ml formula and 150ml milk mixed together. This was suggested by my doctor. I suggest a cup to. I brought a tommee tippee slipper cup and he drinks out of that.

If you need any other info just let me know.
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