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Drinking less milk Lock Rss


My 4 month old seems to be drinking less milk.
He is having only formula and takes from 80ml to 120ml. He is 6 kg in weight and was born 5lb 8oz.

At around 3 months he was having about 180ml.
Is this because he was going through a growth spurt.

I have been told ( by my mum) to start him on solids, and alot of other people have said not too.
I'm not sure what to do. As the saying goes (mum knows best), so do I listen to my mums adivce or people from child and youth health.

I can't feel any teeth and I'm not sure if this may be causing him to eat less.

He also cat naps throught the day, sometimes I give him a top up bottle, and just today it was 7 hours between feeds and he only eat 120mls.

He always seems content and happy, but now and then has a grizzly day. But overall he is a good baby.

Any suggestions why he may be eating less
He's calling , got to go

All the best

2 Under 1

Hi ZacsMum.
I've posted before somewhere regarding feeding issues. My daughter (now 9 months) has never really ever taken the "correct" amount of formula (she's been on formula since 4 1/2 weeks).

From about 3-4 months, she started refusing to feed more than 100ml a time, and when she was meant to be having 900-1000ml of formula a day, she would probably have about 600-700ml. I had been told so much stuff, and had read different things about how much she should be having, that I finally went to my GP to settle it once and for all!

He really eased my mind, and I guess it's common sense, but I just needed reassuring. Basically, if bub is active, healthy with enough wet nappies, then don't lose sleep over the milk issue. (I think all babies have grizzly days at some stage!)

Babies, like us, know when they've had enough. If you're concerned, go and see your GP or health nurse.

I started my daughter on solids at 4 1/2 months because she wasn't interested in the milk, and she's never looked back! Now, she's on 3 formula feeds a day, and is taking 200-220ml a feed.

Every baby is different, and I think you need to work out what's best for you and your bub. It's hard at times, because there's always so much info about "what's best".

Hang in there!

Debbie, QLD, gorgeous daughter

Hi there,
my girl went through a faze like that too when she was about that age, they tend to go through growth spurts where they eat less and sleep abit more. She was born small too, at 6pounds. She is now 9months old and is at the moment totally off her solids, she will only drink breastmilk. She is only a small girl now (7 1/2kg) but is happy and the doctor has said that she is perfectly healthy. She goes through fazes of eating lots and then not eating much at all. Everyone seems to be telling me that teeth are definitley part of the problem!!

I wouldnt worry too much about it, as long as he seems healthy i would go with what he does. It wouldnt hurt to introduce some baby rice which is quite bland in taste for him so at least you know he is getting that extra top up if you are worried. He might be after a new taste!!!

all the best
Hi Zac's Mum

I agree with what Debbie said. A couple of the mum's in our group were concerned about the same thing. The nurse said that the recommended amounts on the tin are a guide only - after all the formula companies want to sell as much as they can. She said just to follow your baby's appetite, they know when they have had enough and as long as they are still having some weight gain and plenty of wet nappies don't worry - that's how you know when a breastfed baby is getting enough as you never know how much they are getting and you just have to follow their appetite. Most babies do go through a growth spurt at around 3 months.

Hope this helps
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