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Flouride Drops CONCERNS Lock Rss

Hi All,
I have been reading many of you talking about floride drops and due to this i asked my doctor as we were only drinking bottled water.
The only reason for writing this is that i am concerned and would urge anyone considering giving their babies flouride drops to please see a doctor. My doctor told me not to give the drops as they are a chemical and could be harmful to any one. Although in saying that my niece is 4 this year and where her family used to live they were on rain water and she has got a lot of problems with her teeth and it is now costing my sister and her husband $3000 to correct the problem.
I am not telling you all to listen to me but please ask a proffesional before giving the drops.

BRA QLD 6yo & 4 yo girls

i did a post similar, regarding this under another topic called 'toothbrushes'. I strongly suggest that everyone should do their own homework and read up on flouride. I have, and i was very surprised and horrified as to where this chemical originated from, what it is and what effects it has on your body. As a result, we only drink water from a filter purifier which removes the flouride (and other harmful chemicals) as well as brushing our teeth with an organic toothpaste which, again has no flouride in it. There is a lot of controversy about flouride, so i suggest you do your own research. If you are wanting to talk to a professional about it, i suggest that you talk to a 'bio-compatible' dentist only, or a naturopath.

Linda (Jessica 3/4/03, Caleb 11/4/05)

I took flouride tablets while I was pregnant as we only have tank water and i don't want my daughter going though what i have gone though all my life with dentist visits I am 39 and finally had all my teeth out and now have to wait for a denture in the public system. I want my daughter to have perfect teeth all her life. Our son is 20 and had flouride growing up and he has perfect teeth considering the amount of teeth rotting medication he is on. Hope this helps. I have not been able to buy drops for ages where do you get them from?
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