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doesn't tolerate apples and pears Lock Rss

My 6 1/2 month old baby has been starting solids for the past month, but seems to react to apples and pears. He was quite settled at night, but woke up crying/screaming for awhile a couple of hours after bedtime on the 2 days I gave him a teaspoon of pear puree in the morning. And then I tried apple a couple of weeks later - by the afternoon he was upset again, refusing bottle feeds (and then waking up at night hungry) and vomiting a bit. I only tried each fruit for 2 days (since I couldn't be sure that it wasn't just a bad day the first time), but he went back to his fairly happy self after I stopped. So at the moment he only eats banana and pumpkin (and doesn't really like Farex even though it doesn't upset him). Has anyone else come across intolerances to certain foods? Was it something which passed as baby got older, or was it something that lasted? I have no intention to try these fruits again until he is a bit older and until I have spoken to my child health nurse again.

Helen, Qld

My son never got an upset tummy but he did get a bad nappy rash the first time I tried him on rice cereal so I waited another month and he was fine with it. The nurse said it probably wasn't an allergic reaction but his body probably just wasn't ready for it. The same thing happened with yoghurt only he had diarrhoea as well as the nappy rash but he's fine with it now (11 1/2 months old) in fact at the moment it's practically all he'll eat - but that's another story!!! So you're right, just talk to your child health nurse before trying again, it's not necessarily an allergy.

All the best
I don't know about pears, but apples tend to create a fair bit of gas, and if the child has a tendancy to reflux they can be a problem for vomiting too. I know when I first started my son on apples he was very unhappy, and tended to vomit the whole lot back at me (he was selective too, none of the rest of his feed came back, just the apple!). He would then suffer gas pains for the rest of the day. I also think they tend to use slightly unripe apples in the commercial food (at least they taste like underripe granny smith's to me), and that exacerbates the problem.
Give it a couple of months and then try again, maybe stew some apples yourself, that way you know they are ripe, same may well go for pears as well, though we didn't have too many problems with them.

Best of luck

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

My daughter had intolerances to certain foods as a baby - including rice cereal and banana. Her skin would go bright red as if she had been scalded all over whenever she had these foods. We gave up on the rice cereal, but retested banana when she was about 12 months, and she was fine with it. At 2.5 years she now has problems with grapes, oranges and mandarines - which all give her a bad case of nappy rash.
I would speak to your child health nurse and see if they can recommend a good dietician - we saw one that specialised in intolerances/allergies in babies and children and gave us some very useful information on when/how to introduce new foods.
Good luck.

mum to 2 girls

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