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My daughter Ava (10 months) has always been a great eater. She took to solids really well at six months and has eaten three meals plus snacks since she was seven months.
Yesterday morning to our suprise she wouldn't open her mouth for her weetbix which she normally loves and just threw her toast on the floor. The same thing continued at lunch and dinner so I just figured she was off her food for the day??
This morning was no better. I tried her with weetbix and porridge to no avail. I raided my pantry at lunch time trying to find something she would eat and dinner was much the same.
She is still accepting her breastfeeds so I'm not to sure whether to increase the amount of feeds she's having???
I am very worried and confused. She no longer has a night feed but she's been waking frequently for the past two nights and I've ended up feeding her for fear that she is starving after having no solids throughout the day. Then again I don't want her to get used of the night feeds and expect them to be a regular thing.
I would really appreciate some advice.


i would take her to your doctor to check her throat. the last time my little one was off her food it turned out she had an inflamed throat and we didn't know because she never cried or grizzled. If that isn't the reason, maybe try thinning out her solids a little with water (not too runny though). I do this sometimes when she has a cold/blocked nose, it makes it easier for her to eat - less chewing required and therefore she breaths a little easier whilst trying to eat her food.
Good luck i hope this was a little bit of help

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She may be teething as they tend to go off their food then. If she's still having breast feeds then she's getting something. I think I'd take to her to the doctor jsut to be sure, or even ring you health centre nurse to see what she has to say (thats if you've got a good one).

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Hi Sian

My 11 month old son has been like this for the past week. He's had bronchiolitis so I think that may have something to do with it but I'm not sure if it's that or just a stage he's going through. He's always been a really good eater. All he's been having is breastmilk so I have been giving him an extra couple of feeds a day. Over the last couple of days he's started eating his breakfast again but only half the his normal serving and he'll eat yoghurt, banana and jelly but he just plain refuses vegies and toast which he's always loved - he just throws them on the floor. So I think he may just have a sore throat from all the coughing. He has in the past been a little fussy with solids when he's teething so maybe that's the case with your daughter. Like everyone else has said take her to your GP or child health nurse to see what they say. I spoke with our nurse today and she said try not to worry - yeah right! I told her he was only really eating yoghurt and banana and she seemed to think it was OK and said it will probably only be temporary.

Hope this helps
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