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6 mth old - not interested in solids?? Lock Rss

I'm just wondering is anybody else having issues getting their little one's onto solids? I've been trying for the last 3 weeks to get my DS to start his solids. He is 6 months now. I've tried the rice cereal, I've tried the jarred cereal, I've tried different combinations of food ie. the Potato n Sweet potato, Chicken an sweetcorn etc. I've probably had 2 successes in 3 weeks. Its so frustrating! Hes been hungry an drinking more bottles in the afternoon, so I figured he must be ready for solids. He has no red gums, I realise his teeth may be coming up an down, but for 3 weeks? It just doesn't make sense, maybe its just something with the boys! lol It just seems to be one challenge after another of late.. smile
I am having the same issue. Although I have only started it in the last couple of days. My bub is almost 6 months and is definitely ready for solids but she won't have a bar of farex. Any bits I seem to get in her mouth she spits out. I have tried the original and yesterday bought a banana and pear flavoured one but she won't eat that either!

Sorry I haven't helped you much but I agree...very frustrating!

My theory is, if they were truly ready they'd eat it. We tried Alex at 6.5 months and he wouldn't have a bar of it, left him for 2 weeks and voila! Now eats just about anything you put in front of him and no dramas.

If you try and push it when they don't want it, it's not fun for either of you and you risk creating alot of negative associations around food. Solids until they are 9-12 months is about getting them used to textures and tastes, not about nutrition, that is still coming from their milk.

Leave it a week, try again and just keep trying until it works. There is no magic rule that says a baby must have started solids by 6 months and they have to progress rapidly to 3 meals a day! DS1 was on 3 meals within a month of starting solids but then refused his milk because he was getting filled up on them and we certainly didn't make that mistake again. DS2 started at 7 months and it was nearly 3 months before he was on 3 meals a day.....and even then it wasn't very much.

Starting solids is supposed to be about having fun, not creating stress and drama for everyone involved.


I've been trying solids since 4 months which was once a day, then in the 5th month twice a day and now in the 6th month its 3 x a day and she still is not interested, so imagine how much food I've wasted. As soon as I put anything in her mouth she blows raspberries and spits the food out everywhere. She does open her mouth for it which is a start, I think I rarely get more than 1 Tablespoon into her. I've tried puree'd peach, apple, pumpkin, sweet potato and carrot and of course rice cereal. I'll just persist and I assume that when she is ready she'll just eat more, but I have to keep trying 3 x a day. Especially as her weight gain is not very good. I've been told now to offer her solids before her milk feeds too. But even then she still isn't interested. The only thing she seems to love is an arrowroot biscuit, doesn't seem to have any problems dissolving that quickly and she never blows and spits that out all over me!

I had the same difficulties with my now 7 1/2 month old. At 6 months of age I tried him on solids, just wasn't interested, no open mouth etc, so left it for a few weeks, then tried again, still nothing. It is only now that he has found an interest for solids. Every baby is different and some babies just aren't ready for solids at 6 months. Just stop with the solids feed for now and go back to milk, give it a break and try again in a few weeks or even a week. He will take to solids in his own time. Don't push him to eat, you don't wont to make it a struggle at meal times.


Thanks for the feedback, its nice to hear others are having the same issues. I realise I will just have to wait a little while til he is ready, just very frustrating. I do believe hes ready, maybe he's just stubborn! lol

I haven't tried in the last few days, will wait another week or so an give it another go...

Thanks for the feedback, its nice to hear others are having the same issues. I realise I will just have to wait a little while til he is ready, just very frustrating. I do believe hes ready, maybe he's just stubborn! lol

I haven't tried in the last few days, will wait another week or so an give it another go...

HI their, I feel your pain completely. I'm hoping my DS once he gets into solids properly he will start sleeping through the night better, its just one thing after another isn't it. Well, at least your getting a tablespoon in which I guess is a start, but yes I can imagine the amount of food thats been wasted, its a little depressing isn't it.

After reading your post I remembered about the arrowroot bikkies, so I bought some an my son loves them also which isn't surprising, makes a nice mess but hes happy!

Good luck with the food issues, I hope she cottons on soon an makes life a little easier for you..

Farex is like eating glue so not very popular for kiddies!

The drinking may just be the weather is getting warmer so they need more fluids. Many babies are not ready for solids at 6 months. When they are ready, they will eat! If you give them food to play with - especially at meal times, then as they observe you eat they cotton on to the idea! This is a valuable time where it sets up their food attitudes for life. If they are spoon fed solids - especially when they don;t want it (think of the aeroplane trick) then how does that teach them to eat and enjoy! It surrounds solids with a negative feel. Just give them access to foods and a bowl and spoon and they will develop these skills when they are ready.
Milk is their main source of nutrition until they are 1.

All the best!
Same problem here as well. And I have a baby (7mths) that shoves EVERYTHING in her mouth... except food.

I gave her a rusk one day and she shoved it straight in her mouth and ate bits of it (after it got soggy enough). Seemed to be a bit hit and miss with everything else. She likes avocado but have only just worked out that she doesn't really like mushy or sloppy food. She had a go at chedder (not mild, but tasty of all things) and a bit of chicken and today she had a small julienne of watermelon which she managed to eat all by herself. She hasn't really taken to those feeding meshes either so it's a little scary from the choking point of view but she seems to have coped ok. I'm going to try things like vegies that have been steamed but not mushed next.
just a quick question for everyone.... is refusing to open their mouth a clear indicator that they aren't ready for solids?

My dd much prefers to blow raspberries than open her mouth and I dont want to force her to eat.
Well that's debatable. LOL Alex did a bit of that when he first started, and it probably took him about a month before he actually started opening his mouth when he saw the food coming. I never forced him to eat, so if I offered it to him maybe 3 times and he refused then I'd take the food away. He wasn't having very much at that stage anyway,and the first couple of weeks or so he wasn't even having solids every day.

It's more about having fun with it, getting them used to different tastes and textures than nutrition so I'd just do what feels right at the time. Not much help was it? LOL

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