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vegetable & fruit variations, whats your's? Lock Rss

Hi DS is 6mths and the he has een on solids for about 3wks. I started him off on jar food, and now i make my own. The other night i pureed, carrot, sweet potato, potato, pumpkin all together and he loves it. What green vegetable could i introduce into the mixture? And do you make up your own fruit mixtures? i pureed up some apple and pear together and he loves that.

Hi Mum2Callum, I started with zuchini and brocoli, my ds loves them, mixed with pumpkin or sweet potato. He is not a big fan of cauliflower though. Last night he had carrot, brocoli and potato and loved it. With fruit he loves banana and avacado mixed together. Apple and pear he has on their own or with rice cereal. He also likes the baby yogurts plain or with the Rafferty's Garden blueberry, banana and apple puree and has even... dare I say it had the Heinz fruit gels!! I know the jar food is bad, but sometimes you just have to use them when you're out or in a rush. Am I bad for giving him the jar food? What do you think?


I think occassional jar food is fine. When you are out and about its a bit impractical to take your vegies with you!! Commercial food is pretty bland and a uniform consistency, which is great for starting on solids, but babies need lumps and chunks to learn to chew which develops speech. I always have some tinned pureed pears and apple and oatmeal on hand for morning when i can't get my act together and when i'm out at lunch time..... So no your not bad at all. Sounds like you are giving him some lovely combos.
As for vegi and fruit combos - beans and carrots, zuchini and pumpkin, broccoli and potato have been our staples.
My son has apples and or pears for breaky (I now boil it and mash it in the water it was boiled in - I was pureeing it but he coped with fork mashed banana so I moved up)
for lunch and tea - I just give him whatever we have - but his is pureed or mashed in the water it was boiled in.
I also pureed up some lamb with rosemary and thyme and he loves that - but he only has it every second day.
I use the farex to thicken it if it's needed, or add more water if that's needed when serving, as I tend to make up several meals at a time and freeze them in 1/2cup amounts so that I only have to defrost one serve at a time.
I think everyone uses commercial food occassionally - becuase we have to be careful about his food, we can only use the first foods, type that has no additives like wheat or oats.
Don't feel bad about the occassional bottle/tin of food - awhole generation grew up on it instead of home made!
I am following a book and some of the stuff my Lil man has are

Leek, Potato & pea
Parsnip & Carrot
Sweet Potato & Broccoli
Cauliflower & Tomato
Sweet Potato & Apple or Pear - he loves this
Broccoli & Potato
Pear & Apple
Pumpkin & Broccoli
He also has farex with pureed single vege or fruit. Normally broccoli or pear & apple

& Don't feel bad on the occasionaly tin food. I take them when I go to shops or to someones house.

There is nothing wrong with tin food...Many people ONLY use tin food for their babies...My DS on the other hand wont touch the stuff because I have only ever given him home made food.

He has pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot and potato...Sometimes mixed together sometimes on their own just for a bit variety...For lunch he has pears, mango, peaches, avocado, apples and bananas...Same as with dinner, sometimes mixed sometimes on their own, sometimes even mixed with a bit of baby yogurt.

He also has weetbix or yogurt for breakfast which he loves!

This month I am introducing beef mince, cauliflower, broccoli and peas/beans.

Mummy to 3 little goblins

hi, I cook for my 9 month old:


puree it all up and he loves that atm.

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