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Breaky ideas for a 10month old? Lock Rss

Hi, I am just wondering if anyone can suggest some new ideas for me for breakfast for my 10mnth old cos i seem to be getting pretty boring.

She has always loved Rafferty's rice cereal and has that most mornings then a bit of toast/bread and vegemite. Sometimes i use jam or cream cheese on the toast but whatever is on it she just mainly licks it off and doesn't seems to swallow much of the bread (she only has 2 teeth!). Occasionally i cook some egg yolk with cheese for a mini omlette.

What does everyone else's bubs eat for brekky?
what about weetbix or instant oats mixed with fruit.
ok, will try, thanks. wasn't sure if normal cereal has too much salt in it before bub is 12 months old....
i give my 9month old 1 weetbix with different pureed fruits with it to mix the taste up
[Edited on 02/12/2008]

Emily 08/02, Kayla 07/04 & Jeremy 02/08

omlettes, oats or weetbix with yogurt and fruit, or make up a mini fruit salad, toast with avocado (i didnt think jam would be very good - its got way too much sugar for me to even it?)

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