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What is your baby eating? Lock Rss

Hi all. My baby boy is just 7 months old and breastfed. He's having 2 solid meals per day. Pureed fruit, rice cereal & water, follow by natural yoghurt for breakfast and pureed vegies for tea (we've just started adding a little pureed meat to this aswell). He is having 5-6 bfeeds per day.

I would like to add a bit more variety to his solids, and perhaps give him some lunch aswell, as he seems to be wanting more. I was wondering what foods other babies of a similiar ages are eating?? And have you got any simple food ideas for this age? Thank you.

SA, 2 boys

My daughter is 10 months old, but at 7 months i was giving her a lot of variety. Apart from the foods you have already mentioned, I was giving her some Farex porridge, even though it says 9M+ because i knew she was ready for this. Other things i was giving her included vegemite bread sticks for lunch, soy yoghurt, soy vanilla custard. I gave her different veges all the time. Each time i would make veges, i would have 3 pots going at once. One would have, say, potato pumpkin and carrot, one would have potato sweet potato and brocoli, one would have potato cauliflower and carrot. Whichever veges you think would go together will be fine. I would boil it then drain most of the water, leaving only a small amount in the pot then i would mash it will a potato masher. By 7 months i was no longer putting her veges through a blender, but you know if your baby's ready for that or not. She eats all kinds of fruit, too. I gave her lots of tastes of different fruits, she would have oranges, apples, bananas, watermelon, rockmelon, any other fruit i was having. It's an idea to stay away from berries though they can cause the pee to be very acidic.

mother to Hannah born August 9 2003

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