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solids and breast when??? Lock Rss

My boy is now having the 3 meals a day but i am struggling to make a routine from it, he is still having 3 sleeps as he gets overtired with just 2, and i am not sure when to feed him solids. I also am not sure when to cut the breast feeds to 3 a day and water in between? Should i maybe try and start only letting him have 2 daytime sleeps? Oh it get so confusing!!!!! He's happy to eat whenever but I have always breastfed when he wakes but wanna cut down. Any ideas/strategies???? One sleep consultant said i had to make him stay up longer in between sleeps so he will only have 2 and she said to keep him up even if he'd cranky as all hell and overtired? Your thoughts????
How old is he?
I have recently started my 6 month DD on solids. I offer her the solids first followed by the breast. I am giving her three meals a day at breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am only in the early days and have not progressed past rice cereal yet. As far as I am concerned I don't really care how many breast feeds she has, there is no written rule just go with what your DS wants. I think I would want to wait until she is really established on solids before cutting her back. I have just given her a cup with a small amount of water to experiment with. She does put this up to her mouth but has not gotten any water yet. I was always told and am a firm believer in never allowing a baby to get over tired. If the baby needs a sleep let him. If he gets oveer tired he is oftern off his food and much more difficult to settle than usual. Don't be tired down to a strict routine - it will drive you insane!!!!! After having three babies I am much more relaxed and am enjoying motherhood much more when I go with the flow. Their routine changes so frequently -i.e teething, a cold, being out and about more often than usual. The best advice I can give you is to go with the flow, unless you particularly want to establish a routine now.

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Hi there,
I will give you a recommended routine for a baby on solids to an 8.5 month old that I got from the "Save Our Sleep" book.
Breastfeed times- 7am,11am,3pm,6.20pm
Solids-8am,12 noon,5.20pm
Sleep times- 9am, 1pm, 4.30pm (posssible 45 min nap)
Dreamfeed, if need be, 10:30pm
Bedtime- 7pm.
The author Tizzie Hall, has a website with more info, if you're interested.
I hope this helps.

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