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New Frozen Baby Food Cubes Lock Rss


I have just heard about a new product on the market called Motherly Cubes. They are a new range of home-style frozen baby food made from 100% natural ingredients and are packaged in plastic cube trays and snap frozen solid.

Has anybody tried them?

Gabriella, Chiara & angel called home


Just a quick post to say, yes I have tried the Motherly Cubes. Have found them to be pretty good. I bought a packet that had beef, broccoli and potato. I sometimes mix them in with my own homemade food, and sometimes on their own. Either way, my 9.5 month old son has taken pretty well to them (especially lately as he has been eating more and more vegies). Hope this helps.
Hi Kerry

Thanks for your response. Where can you buy them from? And how much is it for a packet?

Gabriella, Chiara & angel called home


Our local Woolies stocks them, and they cost about $8 for 500g. I was going to buy some to have just in case, but then saw the price and worked out they cost $16 per kilo!!! So I've decided to just keep making my own.

Hope this helps
Jasmine smile
I brought a box to try them out. I also got the potato, beef and brocoli. They were at safeway in the frozen section. They are very quick and easy to prepare. My 8 1/2 month old son wont eat a single spoon of them though. But he is a bit fussy with all vegies. I think they would be better if used to mix in with some fresh stuff.
I thought they sounded good as they are all natural ingredients. And i find meat hard to prepare fresh to a smooth enough consistency for him to eat , so the beef in these packets is easier to use occasionaly. (if my fussy boy ever takes to savoury foods:)

baby boy

I also bought them at Woolies, but for $6.95 a box. I also found the meat good, in the sense that it is a good consistency etc. I found at first, my little boy wouldn't eat much of it, but he will gobble it up now. It took a few attempts, but it is sometimes good to have them there as a healthy backup, as some days get really hectic and I may not have the time or energy to cokk him something from scratch.

They seem to be quite expensive! I suppose you pay for the convenience really...! I think I will stick to making my own in batches and freezing them myself...

Gabriella, Chiara & angel called home

I'm with you Lili,
I have found that my son prefers my veggies, as long as they have tomato sauce on them. The other day I spent about 3 hours making my own veggies and although it seems likee a long time I have enough to last me over a month. I looked at the frozen cubes but after reading the comments here I'm glad I didn't get any as my boy is a little finicky with his veg/savoury.

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