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How much milk is your 9 month old having Lock Rss


my boy is just over 9 months and is totally different to my 2 older kids - he used to have about 800ml a day but now is only interested in about 400ml with his solids - should i start to offer milk after solids now? do u offer them straight after or wait awhile? atm the his schedlue is something like this:

7am - bottle only takes 100ml
8am - solids breakky with fruit
9am sleep for 2 hours
11am - bottle - ony take 100ml if i am lucky
12noon - solids lunch
2pm sleep 1-2hrs
4pm-offer bottle again
5/6ish - solids dinner
7 - offer bottle again

maybe i am offering the bottle too much? and should maybe offer him a sipper cup? any suggestions and your routines would be great - thanks

Emily 08/02, Kayla 07/04 & Jeremy 02/08

Hi there, my DS is almost 11 months old and he only has 600mls of formula a day, some days its not even that. Around 8-9 months they say to offer milk AFTER solids. I normally feed DS his solids first then wait for atleast an hour before I offer him some milk.If hes only having 400mls a day I would just make sure you offer water as well as it's starting to get hot.
Ds is nearly 8 months and he only has 2 bottles a day thats all he wants.I would cut it down to 2 or 3 bottles a day. Maybe the first one of the day and the one before dinner

Our day looks like this

7am - Breakfast
11am- Lunch a fruit then custard
1pm- 200ml bottle
5pm - dinner veggies and yoghurt
6:30/7pm- 200ml bottle

[Edited on 03/12/2008]

hi there,
my lil man has just turned 9 months also and just over the last month he has just started to decrease his milk intake...the only time now i give him a bottle before solids is in the morning as when he first wakes this is the first thing he has.

6.00am wake
6.30am bottle - offered 240mls, drinks about 180mls
7.00am solids breaky - 1/2-1 weatbix mixed with banana yoghurt
8.00am - 1 slice of toast cut into finger bits with vegemite (but will only eat 1/2 the slice of toast as he is more interested in sucking the vegemite off).
9.30am - offered 180ml bottle and will usually drink all.
10.00am sleep for 1-2 hours.
12.30pm - solid lunch usually a cereal fruit combo, 1 frankfurt sausage and 1 cheese stick.
2.30pm - 240ml bottle offered, drinks about 200ml...somedays all
3.30pm - sleep 1-1.5 hours
6.30pm - solids dinner
8.00pm bath
8.30pm - 240ml bottle offered, drinks about 200mls and falls asleep pretty much as i sit him up for a burp smile

to add he is offered water throughout the day and has become a real good water drinker (witha touch of apple & blackcurrant juice). he drinks this from a sipper cup and milk is from bottle still.

this is a pretty regular routine that has been happening for a few months now, but over the last couple of days he has become a real fuss pot at solid feed time as i think his toothy pegs are going to show (he has none yet).

im gueesing his satisfied as i dont hear boo from him during the night (knock on wood)...

cheers, rach
My DS has just turned 9 months and seems to have a very similar routine as your little boy. He was doing pretty much the same with his milk and I ended up dropping his lunchtime bottle, so he now has one at 7am, 4pm & 6.30pm. He's still not a huge milk drinker, but is starting to drink a good amount of water and he eats really well. Good luck!!
my bubba is just over 9 months and only has 1 bottle day, and it has been like this for nearly a month,he went from 3-4 bottles a day to 1, he refuses to drink any other bottle than the one i offer him before bed.
he drinks plenty of water and juice thru the day, so im not too fussed. he also eats plenty as well, you cant force them to drink it, if they dont want it.
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