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Lactose Intolerance Lock Rss

My 10 month old daughter has been diagnosed with lactose intolerance. Does anyone have nay bright ideas etc that might come in handy?

Our baby boy Joshua was diagnosed lactose intolerant at 6 months. I have him on S26LF and he fine drinking that. Joshua suffers really bad from constipation (I think in part from the lactose). We feed him anything and everything including yoghurts and cheese. I was told by the Health Department that these do not contain much lactose at all. By the time they reach the shelf at the supermarket the natural bacteria's have eaten the lactose. We put prune juice (about two teaspoons) in his weetbix everyday to keep him regular and constipation free. It works a treat.

So therefore no bright ideas. Don't worry about it too much. I was also told by the paediatrician they eventually grow out of it. Tried Joshua on full cream milk for a week but got constipated really quickly. Therefore I assume he is not over the lactose intolerance bit yet. Doc said try every now and then until eventually he takes the full cream milk with no problems.

Anyway hope this hs been some help.


My son started projectile vomitting the day he started on formulas. With my varied allergies I was aware of the likelihood of him being lactose intolerant as my oldest had been, but the second wasn't. However, he could not drink milk, eat cheese, cream, yoghurt etc without literally vomitting a river over everyone. I wouldn't risk feeding my son dairy/lactose products till he is well into his first year. Soy and whey also produce a problem, so why not be sympathetic to the little one. The government provides assitance to babies under the age of one by subsidising special formulas that have to be prescribed by your GP. Why not ask about it? My son is limited in what he can eat, but he has stopped vomitting and he's rarely constipated. What I do however worry about is how well his bones will develop, but time will tell... and yes, I am waiting for the day the intolerance subsides... which it apparently will, eventually.

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I don't know if our daughter is intloerant or not as she is only 6 1/2 months. She has been of special formula from the paed. since she was bottle feed at 6 weeks. she has to have her formula thickened with karicare thickener. She is on solids but i am avoiding diary even though she is still refluxing with solid food but not quite as much since I took her to a chiro for kids. I did try her with S26 and infasoy a couple of months ago but as soon as i put her on the floor she starts gagging and turning blue so i will not be trying that again for some time
My son Matthew was diagnosed Lactose Intolerant at 8 weeks.We put him on S26LF and he has been doing alot better.
Before being diagnosed he would vomit so much during and after each feed, also his poo was like water and a horrible dark green colour.
He still vomits a little bit but only a couple of times a day now and his poo is now "normal" looking.
We started him on Heinz Baby first rice cereal about 2 weeks ago (when he turned 3 months old),i put 1-2 teaspoons of the cereal in his bottle and feed him as normal.This seems to have reduced the vomiting.
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