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any ideas??? Lock Rss

Hi ,

Was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on what to feed an 11 month old . MY ds has no teeth yet either , and i think he is getting bored of mashed vegies and meat etc...
He can chew a little bit , but not alot as of him not having teeth .

any ideas would be great thanks

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You should be able to give him just about any-thing. He would probably love finger foods, so just avoid things where lots of chewing is involved. He could easily suck on a nice piece of chook breast or ham, little bits will come off but its soft enough he can chew on it with gums and swallow.

Your really only limited by your own imagination by around 12 months.

Just avoid things that can break off into hard pieces, thats a danger with no teeth. Other than that, go bananas!

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

I feed my DS avocado when it's a little ripe. It's soft and easy to chew which he loves. Also sausages and fish fingers can be sucked on and chewed with limited teeth. Banana is pretty soft as a finger food so you could try that too.
you can give him mashed up baked beans or any other canned bean. teddy bear biscuits work well to
Hi, my daughter is almost 10 months and has no teeth either. She loves little fingers of vegemite on toast which she sucks and then swallows, also cream cheese on toast.
I also give her cheese sticks and cut up soft fruit like stawberries (she squishes them in her hand before attempting to put in her mouth) she sucks on watermelon and bananas.
There gums are suprisingly strong so don't worry about him hurting them.
Hope this helps, it can get very messy but its fun:)
Hi, my 11 th old DD has just 2 teeth at the bottom and has decided she will not eat anything off the spoon anymore(except natural yoghurt).

She loves toast (I cut it into 1cm squares and alternate each day between mashed banana, cream cheese and mashed avocado on the toast, occasionally vegemite also). Some other things she loves are:
*small squares of steamed pumpkin or sweet potato
*baby macaroni she loves this just plain and sticks them on her fingers and eats them off her fingers
*avocado cut into small squares (she gets a bit frustrated trying to pick it up sometimes and needs help)
*small pieces of cooked fruit (apple, pears)
*small pieces of fresh fruit (she loves blueberries, watermelon and blackberries and a little orange and plum)
* small pieces of moist fish or chicken (careful its not too dry)
*she loves ham but I only give her a little every now and then
*her absolute favorite is cheese (she almost hyperventilates when she sees it in the fridge), I just cut it into 1cm pieces, usually give her colby, cheddar or mozzarella
*low salt baked beans as well (very messy as she won't eat from the spoon)

Hope that helps, I also feel that I need more variety so love hearing everybody else's suggestions.


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