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when 2 introduce veges?? Lock Rss

hi guys,
my 4 and a half month old has been on solids for about 2 and a half weeks. Each evening i give her rice cereal and have just started adding some apples to it. Just wondering when i can introduce pumpkin potatos etc and how much to give her?? Also i am interested in how much rice cereal other bubs are eating at around this age??

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Hi Rebecca

Perhaps you could try pureed pumpkin, sweet potato or carrots. Normal potato can be a bit starchy for little babies so sweet potato is a great alternative.

I usually give my baby as much as she wants unless I feel the amount is excessive. If you are giving a bottle/bf first then she will definantly show you when she has had enough.

Good Luck!

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You covered it well. I would have said exactly the same. I feed my son until he won't eat anymore, but with his veggies he has to have tomato sauce on them, he refuses them otherwise.

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I gave my little girl mashed potato at 4 months, and added different veges to her diet each week, but keeping the potato base. I gave her potato and pumpkin one week, and potato and sweet potato another week, potato and brocoli, etc, then started adding 3 veges together. She eats all her veges now, and loves variety. Just be careful with carrot and corn, the body can't digest it, so it goes straight through them.

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