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breast and bottle refusal Lock Rss

My 7 month old started to refuse the breast about 3 days ago. She is now on formula. The problem is, she only drinks half her morning and evening bottles, and refuses the lunchtime one altogether. Any ideas?
Hi Erika. I was wondering...are you feeding your baby solids first? If so maybe her tummy is full and thats all the milk she can fit in. My friend says she used to wait about half an hour after the solids to give her daughter a bottle because of a similar thing. Hope this helps.


another suggestion is to introduce a training cup, express and then try a little at a time, then just ignore the bottle completely. or check the teet - She may not like the feel of the Silicone/latex?

Andrea, mum x2

Hi Erika

My 8 month, is doing a similar thing. Even after sleeping all night, he only feeds for 5 - 10 minutes.

I work part time. When I am not home he gets the bottle. After have four tablespoons of museli he drinks the whole 240ml and wanting more. Even after a junior meal (170g jar). When I am home, he drinks for a min of 5 minutes and then refuses to go back on. Sometimes I am lucky if in the morning or night feeds he does his usual half an hour.

Sometimes I wonder if he gets enough off me when I breast feed him.

I hope this helps

As a breastfeeding mother we all worry about how much milk our babies are getting. My auntie is a breastfeeding councillor with the ABA and she tells me that even after sleeping through a whole night if your baby only takes 5 mins then seems happy thats because he has all that he needs. He is refusing to go back on probably because he gobbled the lot!!! By 7 months they are absolute pros at breastfeeding and it should only take them 5-6 mins to have a full feed. So chances are he is getting enough. The best way to monitor is by the number of wet nappies. If he is having 3-4 a day and they are pale yellow in colour then fear not!! Hope this helps. My daughter is 7 months old and I too still worry but she is happy and healthy and doesnt grizzle much so I have to be assured she is getting what she needs

7mth baby

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