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where does he put it? Lock Rss

Hi there i have a 10 week old little man named Dawson, he was exclusivly breast fed up until he was 7 weeks old. When i express i get 100ml from each side. He empty's both with no problem at all and still appears hungry so i top him up with formula as i cannot give him more if there isn't more to give. He is now at the stage where he still empty's both and has a top up of formula of 150mls right after i breastfeed. I know i get 100ml out of each breast as i thought maybe my milk supply started to diminish so i skipped his breast feed and expressed instead, he drank the 150mls of formula and then still wanted more so i gave him the expressed milk and he then seemed satisfied. Why and where is he putting it all?
He had Pyloris Stenosis at 6 weeks old which was corrected by surgery at 7 weeks, he has been having this much to eat since then. Is he just trying to make up for lost time or what?. As he is only 10 weeks old (2.5 months) do you think he is too young to start on solids?. My doctor suggested giving him rice cereal in his night bottle to satisfy him more i have been doing this and he still wants the same amount of milk. Any suggestions?

Aleks, SA, 5yr old girl, 9yr old boy&bubs 10.4.04

Hiya Psychick,

Wow your little boy sure does have an appetite! Try and delay solids as long as you can, is all i can offer!

It is now recommended not to introduce solids till 6 months, to help with allergies etc. May i add here that i know plenty of babies that have been introduced to food earlier, and everything is fine.

Is he feeding 3 hourly, from the beginning of one feed to the next?? If not, work on this more!

Just my thoughts,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m


He is a hungry wee man.
Have you tried "hungry baby formula"?? It is put out by heinz and it is in a purple tin. I found it worked for my little boy.
I know they say leave solids until later and I agree but you have no history of food reaction in your famlies and the doctor says to do it. I can't see any harm, after all It comes down to making the baby happy.

Good luck

Tineka, Mum to Hamish 3yrs, Abby 1yr & 1due 10/04

Hi Tepe, thanks for your reply, yes he is feeding 3 hourly from the start of one feed to the next.
Tineka, i have never heard of "hungry baby formula". It seems the way to go. I do buy him the heinz formula's and i must say that i have never seen this before, but i will certainly look into it more.
We do not have any history of food allergies or reactions in our family at all. The doctor also told me to place rice cereal into his early morning bottle aswell. I went back and saw him for another reason and he asked about how Dawson was doing. So i did but, this seems to not make any difference either.
Thanks for your replys, i will keep you posted. smile

Aleks, SA, 5yr old girl, 9yr old boy&bubs 10.4.04

Wyeth make a starter formula called SMA. The lady from Wyeth told me that it is a caesin dominant formula good for hungrier babies.

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06

Hi tineka,
i cannot find the "hungry baby formula" anywhere so i called Heinz, they said that it must be made by another company. Do you have any ideas?

JZ thanks for your reply, i used SMA with my daughter after she rejected the breast and she loved it, but i haven't tried it with my son.

Does anyone know if sawpping and changing formulas can have any affect on him at all?

Aleks, SA, 5yr old girl, 9yr old boy&bubs 10.4.04

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