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Alternatives to rice cereal as well as apple/pear in first weeks on solids Rss

My 6 1/2 month old hates pureed apple and pear, doesn't think rice cereal is great,but will eat it begrudgingly. She loves pumpkin, but I can't give her this for breakfast! Many commercial foods have whole milk powder and I believe your not meant to give milk/products to them muntil 12months. Does anyone have any ideas please! p.s. she is breastfed.

Ana, NSW,10mth girl

Hi there,

I've been really lucky, cause my little boy has eaten everything I have given him, though his favourite so far has got to be banana. Only problem with it, is that it clogs him up a I try & give it to him sparingly.

Have you thought about maybe trying yoghurt? I know there are baby ones out there for 6months & up & apparently natural full fat yoghurts are good too. Perhaps give that a go???

Just a thought. Good luck & let us know how you go.

Hi Ana,

I dont know if you already do this but have you tried mixing a bit of breast milk in with the apple or pear? Just helps to have a bit of a familiar taste there.

I'm pretty lucky at the moment cause Mitch loves nearly everything we give him.

If you try the banana & are worried that it may clog him up just introduce broccoli & mix it with the pumpkin at night. i find that if i give Mitch Broccoli on the days that he has banana they seem to conteract one another with there affects!

Hope this helps a little - like i said you may already be doing this.....

Good luck!

Simone, Mitchell 27/09/05 Taya 21/09/07

I've mentioned this before in posts, but I had a really good experience with "Bellamy's Organic Porridge" - Hugo hated farex etc - but loves this - I mix it each morning - a heaped teaspoon of dry porridge, 2 heaped teaspoons of fruit puree, a blob of yoghurt, and some cool boiled water to thin...It is in a blue and white box, only available from Woolies/Safeway....good luck
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