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feeding fun Rss

hi out there, anyone else find that their babies when eating mashed foods also enjoy sucking their fingers, the bib and anthing else they can grab onto spreading the food everywhere including their face and whatever ends up in their mouth?
Also, what is everyone else feeding their baby? Adele is 5.5 monts old and we have had mashed sweet potato and pumpkin now, was looking at trying potato or peas mash this week. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Aidan has already had pumpkin, potato, zuchini, corn, apple, pear & banana. Next we are trying carrot, peas, broccoli & then sweet potato. We won't introduce meat or chicken for a while yet.

I use a stick blender for everything except potato & sweet potato as this sends them gluey!

Hope this helps.

Great fun, isn't it?
Allira does the exact same thing rubbing food everywhere and her latest tricks are sticking her fingers up her nose or in her ears covered in food. Crazy ay? Just trying to think back to what I was feeding her at 5 months.
As far as vegies go I was giving her things like pumpkin, sweet potato, swede, broccoli and carrot. I just used to cook it all up together and blend it all really well with a stick blender. I was also giving her fruit, banana, pear and apple to start with. She eats heaps of stuff now and just about loves everything.
Anyway I hope that helps a bit.

Jo, Tassie. First Daughter Allira 20/6/05

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