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Weetbix for kids !!! Rss

I was wondering if any-one has tried the new Weetbix for kids (1-5 year olds)? I noticed it in the supermarket today - what a great idea.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

i can't see the harm - i've been giving jacob normal wheetbix for brekkie about 2 times a week since about 10 months - he is now 14.5 months.
Hi everyone,

I just purchased a packet today to try my 10 month old son on them.As far as I can see the only difference is they have less salt and sugar and added calcium,will try him in the morning.


I bought for my daughter. They are actually fortified with iron - which I thought would be a good idea as she doesn't really eat much meat yet. They are supposed to have less salt and sugar as well - actually I have both types in the pantry so will go and check the differences on the nutritional panel.

OK the only differences per serve are:

Normal: 96mg
Kids: 33mg

Normal: 1.1g
Kids: 0.9g

Normal: N/A
Kids: 120mg

Normal: 100mg
Kids: N/A

Normal: 3.6g
Kids: 3.3g

Everything else is pretty much the same in both - including the iron levels, the major things I can see are that the kids version has only about a third of the sodium of the normal ones and it has calcium added. Interesting that folate isn't mentioned on the kids ones.

Hope this helps.
I have been giving it to my 8month old for a few weeks now - He loves it. For a variation on the old sugar on top try some Stewed Apples or other fruit... Big hit in our house!
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