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Morning & Afternoon Snack Rss

Hi Everyone,

My DD is just over 7 months and pretty much having whatever food you give her, hasn't rejected a thing. Usually eats all her meals and usually finishes her 3x200ml bottles. However i am finding that she tends to get a bit hungry in the morning and afternoons just after her naps so i though perhaps it is time to introduce snacks. Just wanted to know is this age ok to introduce them and what is a good thing to give her?
A quick run down of the day:

Usually wakes around 7am.
7.30am - Bottle 200mls
8.15am - Cereal and yoghurt
9.30am - Sleep 1.5hrs usually sometimes 1.45hrs
12pm - Fruit and custard
1pm - Bottle 200mls sometimes only 150mls
2pm - Sleep 1.5hrs usually sometimes 1.45hrs
5pm - Usually mushed up version of ours so 3-4vege, meat and sometimes pasta or rice.
6pm - Bath
6.30pm - Bottle 200mls
7pm - Bed.

2 Perfect Girls Catherine7/8/05 & Mirelle17/10/07

Wow - you are doing really well !!!

DD's routine is very similar to yours. I think you have the right idea, maybe try a snack after your DD's 9.30am sleep. If there are days she sleeps longer (like to 11.30 or 12) then you can skip a snack and go straight to lunch. I find DD sleeps longer with her growth spurts. It worked a lot better to go straight to lunch compared to postponing it.

DD has a decent snack around 3.30pm - 4pm (after her afternoon nap). That will tide her over till dinner which is around 5.30pm - 6pm.

It sounds like your DD is ready for snacks. Have you any particular ones in mind you want to introduce? Have you tried much finger food yet?

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi Natasha - your routine sounds just like ours - Hugo is 7 months old this week, and funnily enough, I have just found the same thing with him enjoying a small snack after his afternoon sleep. He has bread with crusts off with a little butter and vegemite cut into strips - obviously I keep an eye n him while he slobbers on it, puts it in his hair - and eats about 1/2 of it!!! The other thing I give him is a little heap of grated cheese.
Hope this helps.
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