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Rice cereal Sensitivity Lock Rss

I started My son Jacob on rice cereal a coupel weeks ago and he was happy ot eat it on days 1 and 4. Days 2 and 3 he wasn't to fussed. Over those 4 days he started bringing up his feeds again and became very unsettled. Hardly sleeping during the day and he started waking at night again after sleeping an average 10-11 hours a night. So we stopped the cereal and he went back to normal within 2-3days

I rang my local child health clinic this week and they suggested starting him on sweet potato or pumpkin straight up and see how he goes. We we are in day 4 of a tea spoon every morning of sweet potato and my little guy is super happy.

My question is has anyone else had a child that seemed sensitive to the rice cereal.. Oh and I did try the rice cereal one more time but within 2 hours he threw up and started screaming...

Thank for any answers

Mum to 4 great kids...

I never had too many dramas.. have you tried mixing it with something like pears or apples?

My little girl wasnt too keen on it on its own but liked it when it was mixed.

Hi Nic,

sounds like my little girl Lucy, except she didn't outright vomit it up, would just burp with a bit of vomit in it. Not what she would usually do. Also, did Jacob start waking up screaming like in pain? My one was just starting to sleep through most of the night and when we started the rice cereal kept waking and being very unsettled. I haven't heard of anyone else being sensitive to it so I haven't had much help in what to provide as a substitute because everyone keeps saying she needs it for the iron! I am breastfeeding and hopefully she will still be getting iron from that. I'm off the clinic to interrogate the nurse what the hec I can do. Lucy also seems to be sensitive to sweet potato (which she loves though) and a bit to potato. Seems that starchy food is not well tolerated. Pumpkin seems to be good thank goodnes. Also, have you tried any commercial baby food - if so, which ones were well tolerated by Jacob? She also hates stewed pear and apple or banana! Aaggh! Have you tried any other fruits?


Ana, NSW,10mth girl

Hi Nic,

My son began solids"early" as he was unsettled at night. I found him to be a little "colicky" at first. We have very slowly introduced different things and so far he has ti=olerated in this order; pumkin, pears, sweet potatoe, apples & reluctantly bananas. He isn't to keen on the plain cereal by itself either and I have also found that some days are easier to get him to eat than others. Take it one day at a time and before you know it he will have quite a variety.

I also got alot of guidance from our child health nurse. They can also give you some suggestions on which foods to mix together for a nicer flavour.

We feel like our little man seems to have this revolving door of food but before long I am sure he will have a repotoir. The upside is you can enjoy that "special" mum and bub time when he is hungry.

Good luck! with it all.

first time mummy QLD +1

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