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Mouth clamping shut tightly! Lock Rss

Hi all, my 6 monther has been on solids since 4 mths (due to reflux) and has generally enjoyed her foods (especially apple and pumpkin). However, it seems that half the time when I bring the spoon to her mouth, she'll clamp her mouth shut really tight and I have to hold the spoon to her mouth and gently jiggle it up and down to encourage her to eat! She even does this with apple and pumpkin, which she loves! Any suggestions on encouraging bubs to "open wide"???!!!


Angela, NSW

Hi Angela

Is it possible that she is teething? My son has always been a good eater but does get a bit fussy when he's teething. If this is the problem I found he'd take food cold much more willingly than warm as it probably soothed his gums. I hope this helps.

All the best
Hi Jasmine. Thanks for your reply. Since my original post, we all (including Rachel, my 6 monther) came down with really bad colds. Thankfully, Rachel didn't get it as bad as the rest of us, but the snuffly nose was enough to put her off her food! Today she seemed to be eating a bit better again, she even tried Heinz banana custard for the first time today and LOVED IT! Hopefully it's not teething, as that, added to the cold, would make her a very unhappy little'un!!! Angela.

Angela, NSW

Hi Angela,

Just wondering if you are still having this problem? My 6 and a half month old is clamping her mouth for her solid feeds lately when before she was fine. I'm thinking of offering her solids before milk to see how she goes. As long as she still drinks enough milk, if not I'll go back to milk first.

i had the same trouble for a while with my daughter, and i found if i tapped her chin with the spoon 8 out of 10 times she would open her mouth.

if you watch that tv show called everybody loves raymond . its what robert does when he eats hahaha smile .

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