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Won't drink milk Rss

Hi, wondering if anyone can pass on some advise and wisdom. My 4 mth was not drinking as much bot anymore and was looking for more, so I started her on solids. I give her Farex & apple twice a day, mid-morning and mid-arvo and now she is not interested in her bottle. She is not getting enough during the day as she is starting to wake early in morning, but will still only have 100ml then if I am lucky. She is sleeping fine and generally going 3-4 hours between feeds during the day. She is only really drinking about 60-80mls per feed during the day. She is not grizzly or unbearable, or does not cry because she is hungry, she is as happy as can be but it concerns me that she is not getting enough milk. Has anyone got any ideas or has been in the same situation..should I be worried or do I go with the flow???

I advise would be to stop the solids for a while until she is drinking her bottle again. At this age her bottles are very important MOST babies are having between 800-1000mls a day.

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Kyle is doing the same thing. What I did was put some formula or breastmilk into the rice cereal that way they get the extra milk and make it a bit more sloppy. I also add milk to my puree vegies, fruit and custard.

Hope this helps.

I would talk to the clinic sisters about it. I guess the outcome of what to do would be dependant on how your bub is going health wise.

Is she still gaining weight?
How much farex and apple is she getting? Maybe you could cut the serving down so then she might still be hungry.
Are you giving her bottle straight after the solids? Maybe she is a bit full?

I know that my bub doesnt like a bottle straight after the food. I just give her a bit of boiled water after the solid and wait a while before her bottle.

Maybe she might be going through a bit of a phase.

Keep an eye on her weight.. that would be the biggest indicator

Good luck
Hi Joan
My son also was not drinking his milk anymore he was only drinking 80 to 100 ml per feed we were starting to get worried.
We changed the teats to the next size and he now drinks most of his milk. we only just changed them late last week, but so far so good.

I hope this helps. I know how worrying it can be when they don't drink their milk.

DS is my first child and I worry about everything.
Please tell me I will get better. (lol)

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