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What sort of milk do I give a weaning 10 month old? Rss

My daughter is 10 months old. She has 3 solid meals a day and 3 breast feeds a day. I am planning on starting the weaning process so she is weaned by 12 months of age. I was going to start by giving her bottled milk for her middle feed. Should I use formula (and if so, which one) or cow's milk? How much should I give her?

Any other tips on weaning would be really appreciated. Thanks.


WA, daughters born May 2005 and June 2007

I believe that cows milk shouldnt be given until bubs is over 12 months.
If you go with formula..just follow the directions according to age on the tin.

You will find that lots of people use different brands for different reasons. And at the end of the day you will get confused.

Maybe chat to the clinic sister about what may suit your bub. You can also get formula in sachets too so that you can try your bub on it first without having to spend the $15+ on a tin as they have to be thrown out after 4 weeks if not all used.

I use S26. I had to comp feed until my milk came thru in hospital and that is what they used on my bub. I havent had any dramas with it and the clinic nurse I go to also recomend it as the more balanced formula what it comes to the different fats in the formula.

Good luck.. hope all goes well.
My DD is 7.5months and she is on 3 decent sized solid meals a day and 3 bottle of Heinz follow up formula 2x220mls and her lunch bottle is 170mls (this use to be 220mls) the can recomends 3-4x220mls. I am planning on starting to wein DD onto cows milk around 10months as we going away when she is 11months and don't want to bother with mixing formula. I think by then she will have stopped her lunch bottle as well as it seems to be getting smaller. She already has cows milk on her cereal so perhaps try that first to see how your DD likes it. In my opinion i wouldn't bother with formula and go to cows milk i would however advise talking to your CHN first as i plan to do at her 8 month check up.
12 months is only a guide for starting cows milk generally most people start on cows milk anywhere between 10-12 months. Just like they RECOMMEND you start solids at 6 months MOST people start earlier (i did).
Good luck smile

2 Perfect Girls Catherine7/8/05 & Mirelle17/10/07

i reakon yu should be right just to go to a cup with cows milk if bub is on a healthy diet, if she has treid yogurt, cheese etc and gives you no reason to think she couldn't not handle it, all you can so is try it atleast that way you don't have to ween her off a bottle.
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