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Baby Yoghurts Lock Rss

Hi mums

My daughter doesnt really like the petit miam baby yoghurts, but she loves my normal yoghurt.Im wondering whats the difference between them? Is there something in normal yoghurt that they shouldnt be having, or is it ok to give to her?
Also how often should i give my daughter a drink of water(shes 6 months) or would she get enough from her formula?
I tried petit Miam for my boy, its fine, but it is expensive. You get more out of the big bulk size of Nestle. Or there is also Jalna which is good. Im sure any yoghurt as long as it is full fat and not the diet varieties. I buy vanilla because you can mix fruit with it.

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The only things I could see being negatively different are the sugar content and the acidity of the adult yoghurts... oh and there are no pictures of Bob or Hi-5!

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Hi lara
I give my daughter (10mths) water after her meals.
She skulls it down. If I give her any leftover formula, she wont drink it. She loves the water.
I live in Cairns so it is pretty hot so I think water is important inbetween feeds on hotter days.
Just try it - babies will let you know if they want it or not! It wont hurt them in any way so you wont be doing the wrong thing!
Hi Lara

Normal yoghurt is fine for babies. The main thing to look out for is that you don't buy one with added sugar or artificial sweetener. Our child health nurse told us just to use full fat natural yoghurt and if you like you can add some mashed banana or other pureed fruit. I used to add it to my son's mashed vegies and he loved it.

With water, if your daughter is still having plenty of wet nappies she probably doesn't need it. But it wouldn't hurt her to get used to drinking it, so maybe just offer her a little bit after her solid meals. If you are concerned maybe check with your child health nurse.

Hope this helps
Jasmine smile
i think normal yogurts have more sugar. i used to give my son greek style yoghurt & also made it my self it easy heres how
3 tablespoons commercial natural yoghurt
2 tablespoons powdered milk
2.5 cups milk
prepare glass jar by pouring boiling water into it & letting it stand for a few miniuts b4 emptying it make sure you place a spoon in the jar or it may crack.
mix dried milk& whole milk . heat in pan till almost boiling. set aside to cool. test with clean finger shuold be just warm . mix in commercial yoghurt & pour into prepared jar. screw on lid & wrap jar in clean cloth like a tea towel & place in plastic bucket put bucket in a warm spot in the house allow to stand up to 6 hours. unwrap & refrigerate. reserve 3 tablespoons for next batch.
i found this easy to make & nice & rich you can add fresh fruit just befror serving i used to mix some goulburn valley fruit puree into a bowl & add the yoghurt . good luck hope bub likes it you can also buy an easi yo maker but i think the starter is quite sweet

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Nestle has a yogurt with a similar texture to the baby yogurt. For the price you get so much more than the baby yogurt. I buy the Winnie The Pooh one as my son doesn't eat banana and its the only one without a banana flavour, there's 12 in a pack for either $4.29 or $5.29. My son will eat 2 tubs in one sitting and crack it when they've finished as he loves it.

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Paige loves the Jalna creamy custard yogurt its all natural and has no sugar and a half kilo tub is about $2.30, I've also found the Coles brand all natural organic yogurt good as you can add fruit to it.
Hi all,

We started out using the baby yoghurt with cereal, but I read the ingredients list and decided to make my own - I like to use organic/biodynamic where I can, so I use the plain BD Farm organic, or Jalna Wholemilk. I think any full-fat yoghurt without artificial sweetners is great for babies. The texture is different in the 2 yoghurts I use, and I prefer Jalna, but BD Farm is a bit cheaper.

I add fruit, and the cereal in the yoplait is polenta, so I add it on occasion, too.

We've also found that a meal we want our Princess to eat which she is not terribly keen on will always go down better with a bit of yoghurt - she loves the stuff.

Another advantage of yoghurt is it's lower lactose levels, so even if your bub is lactose intollerant, their gut can cope with & benefit from yoghurt.

petit miam is not baby yoghurt - it is targetted at children but is not specifically for babies.
what age is it ok to start giving yogurt? Also I have noticed that the jars of baby food custard have milk in them??? Aren't you not supposed to give milk until 12 months?

I'm a bit confused smile


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

hi Steph,
I was told by my clinic nurse that it was ok to give yoghurt and small amounts of whole milk in cereal or custard at 6 months as it gets the baby used to it so there is a smooth transfer at 12 months to giving milk.

Hope this helps

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