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Freezing vegies..? Rss


Quick question

Does anyone out there freeze their veges..
I was thinking of doing this to save some time and just defrost them when needed. (like on nights where we not having veges)

But I have heard potatoe doesnt freeze well and pumpkin goes runny?

I have cooked pears and apples and have froze them in ice cube trays and it works really well..I just put it in the fridge over night to defrost.

I thought there must be a way and would like to know any tips or things not to do

Is the nutritional content still there?

And when pureeing do you add any liquid to the veg?

Sorry... that a few questions
thats a good question and one i would be interested in finding out too!!

I used to freeze vegies for my now 2 year old son and am about to start from my 2nd child soon.

I found the potato and pumpkin ok. The potato just went a bit thicker that is all.

im just worried about the nutritional content still being there?

Cara, NSW - DS 04/01/04, DS 08/01/06

I do a bulk cook up and freeze between every 2-3 weeks. I find its a great time saver and not too much mucking around doing it all in one hit.

I found potato freezes and defrosts just fine. It took me a few goes to mash it correctly to start with though. Recently I started adding a little milk when I mash, it turns out a lot better and certainly tastes better too. I usually end up mixing it in with some-thing else anyway as DD has never really taken to it.

I find pumpkin is watery no matter how I prepare it. If you drain it really well before freezing, its not so bad after defrosting. You can also squish out any excess water after defrosting if you have a particularly watery batch.

The nutritional content is still there after freezing, the issue is more how you cook it in the first place. There is always debates over boiling, steaming and microwaving. I aim for the veggies to be slightly under cooked as that is suppose to mean all the nutrients are maintained. I'm certainly no expert on this though, its hard to get consistent information or advice on that one.

I don't add any water now I mash DD's fruit, veg and meat by hand. When I puree'd them I use to add it a couple of spoons at a time until it blended to a nice consistency. There isn't any hard and fast rule, just keep adding water till it blends well.

A good tip is to pop the cubes into a air tight container as soon as possible. I was told I could keep it all frozen for upto 3 months. I wasn't quite comforatable with that so do a cook up between 2-3 weeks, depending how much DD eats.

I cook up a wide variety so I can mix and match DD's meals. It is also handy to supplement any thing I am cooking for DH and I as DD tends to eat what we eat these days. Some meals aren't appropriate for DD and some meals don't offer enough veg so the frozen stuff is very handy.

When your ready to introduce meat, you can do the same thing - cook up, blend/mash and freeze.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi there,
I am a chef by trade and can tell you that freezing vegies is totally safe and if you freeze them after you let them cool down to room temperature on the bench you will find that things like pumpkin wont be runny when you defrost them. All fruit and vegetables lose nutritional content just by cooking them, steaming is the best way to cook vegies, they lose less that way. Freezing wont make them lose anymore.
I always leave a little bit of liquid in the veg when I am pureeing them, it makes them easier to break down.
Putting food in the fridge to defrost is the best and safest way to defrost food, stops bacteria growing. But I always heat bubs smalls portions straight from the freezer in the microwave. As long as you are going to feed bub the food straight away this is totally safe.
Hope that helps you a little bit.

Jo, Tassie. First Daughter Allira 20/6/05

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