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3.5mth old ??????????SOLIDS Rss

Hi ladies I have a very healthy 3.5mth old boy who weighs in at a whopping 7kgs (my little chubby bubby). He has been on formula from 1wk old and is having 5 bottles a day
4 x 150mls
1 x 210mls (at bed time 9pm).
I am wondering if it is too soon to start rice cereal????
And if I did this without telling my CHN (because she would say that I should not) how would I know how much to put in his bottles? Does the packet have guidelines for this?
Is the rice cereal the best thing to start with or is pureed veg or fruit better? How will he go with a spoon?


Mumma of 3.

Everywhere will tell you not before 4 months (17 weeks) and no one reccommends putting it in their bottles (although lots of ppl have done this.

What makes you think he needs more?
Hi My daughter is 4 months old on the 28th of this month and i put her on solids about aweek ago. She has betwwen 4 and 5 bottles a night all 200 mls she does sleep 12 hours of a night though.
Any way I have put the rice cereal in her bottle once but now I put to spoons of that in a bowl with some milk from her bottle that way it is not extra milk and I add a spoon of pureed apples she loves it. At dinner I have tryed chicken and sweet corn and Beef, pumkin and patato but I only ever give her 2 heaped spoons they are only small spoons 2 coz they are the once she eats from, I don't want to over feed her.
She has taken to the spoon well I try to only put a tiny bit on the spoon at a time and slid it up under her top gums. Hope this helps
I wouldn't put it in his bottle.

I didn't think you were meant to start this early unless baby had trouble putting weight on.

Doesn't sound like your buba fits into that category!!!!

i started my DD on solids just after she was 4 months old as she was needing more to get throught the day.

i think your bub will let you know when they really need more and if your bub is doing that now than you could try some rice cereal but i would not put it in a bottle but in a bowl and there is instructions on the box to let you know how much to make up. I have a friend who started her bub on solids at about 3.5 months as he was needing more and kept watching them eat and he was ready to start then.

so i say if he seems ready give it a try if he is not interested in food wait a week or so and try again.

good luck

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Hi Quin, My Callum is not yet 16weeks old and i started him of Farex last week....
Callum was loosing interest on the boob as i was feeding him in the lounge room or wherever - i now have to feed him in his room (darkened) so that he does not look around... and he is 7.5kg - oh my aching back... He also had started biting my nipples - at that time i thought it definately due for solids... I have not yet started any other "solids" but have put him on a night time bottle of 180ml (he has it after both boobs - hungry little fella)....
I have heard lots of different stories about starting on solids...and being a first time mum you (i) really didn't know what to do - so i just did what my instincts said... solids!!
All good so far and in a couple of weeks i will try more solids....
I hope i have helped you a bit - if you would like to talk more please e-mail me
take care and good luck.
Do what you think is right

Tam, Qld

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