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What to do if baby doesn't take food? Rss

Kyla has been on solids for about 2 weeks and we have introduced pumpkin, sweet potato and carrot and tonight we tried potato. However she didn;t like the potato at all and did not eat any. Now I know that if this happens to leave it for a few days then try again but what was Ii supposed to do tonight? Was I supposed to quickly make her something else? As nothing else was prepared we gave her a rusk which she didn't really care about either but I feel bad because she didn't have her dinner (she still had her milk of course)
What should I have done so I know for next time?
Hiya - Unfortunately I don't have any advice but I am hoping someone will reply to your valid question! Last night my daughter plain out refused kumara (first time I fed it to her), and as nothing else was prepared I found a tin of banana and custard, but she wouldn't have a bar of that either! Ended up just giving her a bottle and thought I would try the kumara again tonight, with pumpkin as back up!!!


Hi Kel,

First of all, don't fret. Food at this stage is for fun and experimenting, and milk is still the most important sustenance.

My 8 month old, Tim, didn't like white potato either - if you taste it yourself (without any milk/cheese/butter), it's pretty yuk so I didn't blame him! You could try mixing some breastmilk/formula in, or some pumpkin/sweet potato. Also, "the books" say that babes appetites vary from meal to meal, and from day to day, so maybe she wasn't hungry that night?! Tim certainly varies with appetite.

I have a freezer full of prepared vegies, fruits and meats (once tasted and no allergies), organised into separate packets. That way, if Tim won't eat one vegie, I can quickly grab something else to try. The portions are icecube size, so they only take about a minute to defrost and heat up in the microwave.

Have you tried mixing the vegies together, or with some Farex/cereal? Tim prefers sweet things (pear, apple, melon etc), so often I will try a few spoonfuls with plain veg, then if he won't eat it, I will mix up a small amount of Farex with water, give him a spoonful, then gradually mix in the vegies until it is mostly veg. It usually works.

I also distract him sometimes with a small toy that I let him hold. Then he doesn't notice so much when I feed him, as he's preoccupied. Probably setting myself up for dinner tantrums later.........

Hope any of this helps.


Angela; Tim (b. 17.7.05), Will (b. 30.11.07)

Hey Gizmo

My DD won't eat her veges if they are mixed together. I have to keep everything seperate. She also blows hot and cold somedays she will scoff, say her carrots then the next day jams her lips together and won't have a bar of them. Just keep going. DD didn't even want one of her feeds today so that was fun... NOT

DD 15mth old Munchkin Qld

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