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Re: thirsty baby Rss


I have a 7 month old & have problems getting her to drink water
I have tried bottles, baby cups & small glasses

I have tried giving her water with a spoon but she just plays with it

Does any one have any suggestions on how to get her to drink some water

I'm still breast feeding.

Hi Jasna,
Try dipping a camomile tea bag in the hot water a couple of times then let it cool before you give it to her.( i give it in a sippy cup)
Also i have found that my son like the water a little warm rather than cold

hope this helps

Rachael, Kobe 21/8/2005

My 13 month old loves drinking from his big sisters school drink bottle.
He does make a mess with it though!
put a little apple juice in it

they love ti

cheers K
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