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How do you get bub to drink water or diluted juice? Lock Rss

My DD is nearly 7 months old and will only drink milk. She will drink it from a sippy or a teat but wont drink water or diluted juice of any flavour. The most i have been able to get her to drink is 50mls when she was sick (given in 5ml lots through a syringe) and about 30 mls when she has been well.

She never had anything other than BM or AR formula as it just bounced so now we cant get her to even get started on other fluids.

We try her every day when she has solids and just give a very small ammount in the sippy , letting her hold it . She puts it straight in her mouth, then we tip it back so she will drink it but as soon as she smells the juice she will push the bottle away.

Any advice?

Min, NSW, Charlotte 30/8/05

My bub is 5 mths old and will only drink boiled water at room temp and the most then is about 20mls. I think it just takes perserverance despite the mothers frustrations... lol

good luck
We started giving bub water pretty much from the day she was born. Now she will drink up to 250mls a day. She is not overly thrilled with the diluted juice but is taking a few sips a day. Myself and hubby are big water drinkers so getting her to drink wasn't a big issue for us. Keep persevering, one of my friends just kept offering water to her little one and now he is quite happy to drink it.

DD 15mth old Munchkin Qld

I think that if your daughter is drinking lots of milk - then not to worry?? I don't actually give my daughter any diluted juice....however she is a great water & breastmilk drinker. I would probably just leave it until she is ready! If she is getting plenty of fluids from milk - I wouldn't stress about it....

Arianna, Reagan & Oakley

Hi my older two were prettymuch the same, not that interested in water at all until later (maybe 12 months) at the time I thought it was the cup. When they're ready they'll drink water. I probably wouldn't worry about giving juice (even diluted) concentrate on water first. Good luck.

Hi there,
My son was the same. Every day i just kept on offering him it. The heath nurses i have seen suggested to dip a couple of times, camomile tea in the water while its hot ( obviously wait til the water has cooled before giving to bubs) . belieive it or not he drinks water now!!!
I have also found that if i warmed it like milk he drank better.

Good luck

Rachael, Kobe 21/8/2005

I cook up nashi and apple and throw in a few sultanas to sweeten it. I puree it then I water some of it down to a dribble and spoon-feed it as a drink to bubs every meal, he puts away about 40mls each meal.
I also put an apple slice in water in his sippy cup and sort of help him play with it. He drinks some (accidentally!) and I tip some in, the rest goes down his front!
Good luck

My daughter is 7mths and has been having water since about 1 week old. She will generally only have about 10 or 20 mls at a time. i now try to give it to her serveral times a day particularly on the hotter days. I introduced her to juice about a month ago and was having the same problem but now she will have anywhere between 10-50 mls at a time (From a bottle) and a couple of days ago she had the whole 125ml juice. It just takes time and patience, i think it may just be because she is abit older getting started on the water or juice and just needs time to get used to it.
Good Luck!

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