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12month old routine please Lock Rss

hi, just wanting to hear what other bubs at 12months are eating and sleeping, my boy has just turned 1 on friday.

Emily 08/02, Kayla 07/04 & Jeremy 02/08

my son is now 13mths...
he is a very good eater (im lucky with this at the moment)
* weetbix for breakie then a small bottle
* maybe a biscuit or cucumber,yoghurt, carrot or fruit for snack
* if im luck he has a sleep around 10-11
(otherwise he stays awake til 12ish and can then fall asleep til 1-2 just depends on how he is)
* lunch i have been trying to give him sandwiches with cream cheese, vegem, peanut butter, jam and some friut.
* snack varies again in afternoon
* dinner he has what we have. i either puree it or chop up. then has yoghurt fruit for pudding..
it all can depend on how he is feeling, but i just go with the flow. he also has a water bottle that i give him while he is eating in his chair....

sleeping ok... naps are either 1 or 2. if he had one during he day he often falls asleep in his high chair. i let him go for about half an hour. then do the usual bath routine etc...
at night he sleeps ok but always wakes between 1-4..(this kills hubby as he is a light sleeper) i just go and lay with him for 5 mins to re-settle im and all is good.
i have just moved his cot mattress to the floor to try practise sleeping in a big boy bed.... seems to be going smoothly so far.
hope this helps you
wow - thanks for this - does your little one have much in the way of bottles? I am thinking maybe i need to give / offer more food and not so much bottle/formula..

Emily 08/02, Kayla 07/04 & Jeremy 02/08

he can have about 3 - 4 bottles. i give him the fourth if we have been out and about a lot and i know he hasnt eaten a lot... i know its bad, but i offer food first.
i try give him water or juice with meals

* if he wakes early 5-6 and is very unsettled i may give him half a bottle.
* then maybe the other half mid morning.
* one after lunch when i see he is tired and wants his afternoon nap between 1-2
* then one around 5-7. maybe another half late on a a dream feed at 10-11.
it all just depends on how i think he has been.

he hs a bit of yoghurt too, so i try give that to hom after meals to ehlp with some extra liquid and dairy
ok thanks - i am still ding the bottles first then the solids an hour later, but just hvaing trouble him being interested in bottles..

Emily 08/02, Kayla 07/04 & Jeremy 02/08

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