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Sandwiches Lock Rss


DS is nearly 11mths old and i have started to give him sandwiches for lunch.He just has boring old vegiemite or avocado on them

What other fillings can i put on them??
[Edited on 27/02/2009]

can an 11 month old have peanut butter? I know you have to wait until a certain age before they have peanuts. I know peanut butter is really bad but I buy this all natural one, wollies and coles both have it, it's 100% peanuts and nothing else. Also what about rice syrup? It tastes similar to honey only it's alot better for you. Very sweet so it would be good as a treat. You have to buy it from health food shops. Ummm, can he eat cheese or ham? Also with ham that supermarket stuff is terrible, full of crap like sugar and preservatives etc. It's best to get it from the butcher where it's cut straight from the bone so nothing but meat and maybe a bit of salt. Yes I'm a health food freak! haha, but when you've been through what I have you would too. That's all I can come up with at the moment.
My dd is 10 months and loves melted cheese on toast (cooled and cut into fingers). I wouldn't be giving bub ham yet as it is too high in salt and nitrates for young kidneys. You could also try philly cream cheese with jam or mashed banana, tinned tuna or salmon mixed with yoghurt or hommus, mashed egg yolk,mashed baked beans, finely chopped roast meat or chicken and gravy, mashed leftover roast veges. Meatballs are also good finger food as you can grate lots of veges into the mix and freeze them to thaw as you need them.

[Edited on 28/02/2009]
Thanks for the replys.

I'll try some of them. I wasnt sure about jam i thought it had too much sugar in it
[Edited on 06/03/2009]

Sorry about the ham idea, didn't know it was bad for babies. But yea jam is very high in sugar would avoid that if I were you. Unless you can find a natural one. I'm on a sugar free diet for health reasons and haven't been able to yet.
my son has cream cheese OR vegemite and avocado combimed - loves it!

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