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weetbix ??? Lock Rss

Has anyone else given there 9 month old weetbix???i tried my little one on them and he loved them but i was told that i should wait??
My little girl has been eating weetbix for breakie since she was 6 months old (now 8 months) without any problems. As she still doesn't like alot of fruit it was either this or eat vegies for breakfast lunch and dinner...
I have been feeding my DS for over a month on weetbix almost every morning. He is 8 1/2 months. I can't see any reason to wait if he is liking it and has no allergies. I think people wait due to wanting the iron in the baby cereals which I think consipates too much. If bubs is getting iron in red meat/broccoli/lentils etc. than there is no harm in weetbix. Everyone I have asked including HCN says that weetbix ix fine.
I think the Weetbix thing has to do with the amount of salt...have you seen how much sodium they have????!!! A standard serving (2 biscuits) with skim milk (know that you probably aren't using skim milk) contains 205mg of sodium! That's a lot for an adult IMO, let alone a young baby.

Alex eats them, but we restrict it to once or twice a week.

my son is 13mths and we have been giving him weetbix since he was about 7 mths... my son was born is south africa and was having porridge like stuff since about 5mths... he had a small prob with constipation but that was once we got here and he began more solids... so not due to the weetbix
Jeremy has just turned 12 months and has been having weetbix for a few months now - he only has it prob 2 times a week but he loves them.

Emily 08/02, Kayla 07/04 & Jeremy 02/08

It has been suggested that weet bix has a high sodium content. Weetbix kids has only 110mg so it is low in sodium. See for confirmation.
My DS has been eating weetbix since about 8 months. To start with it was only half with hot water and some pureed fruit, it grew until 3 in that method.

Now hes nearly 2 n half and has 4-5 with milk every morning. He loves them and turns feral if he doesn't get his morning weetbix

Ben 25/10/06 + Erin 10/9/08

i have been giving it to my DS since he was about 7 months, only about once a week or so, i like to give him something different each morning so he doesn't get bored.

so long as there are no allergies i don't think it is a problem.

you can get weetbix kids, i don't know if the sodium content in that is any lower? if you are concerned about that it might be worth a look.

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