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Switching to cows milk.... Lock Rss

Hi all

My DD is 10 months old. When and how do I switch from formula to cows milk?? She has been having very small amounts of it mixed into various different things and eats yoghurt already.

Thank you!

my GP said it is ok to switch at 10 months, provided that bub is eating a wide variety of solids - so lots of different fruits, veges, cereal, dairy, and meats for iron.

it sounds like your DD (who is so cute BTW!!!) doesn't have any allergies since she has been having it with cereal.

when i start to wean DS onto it i am planning to gradually add it to his formula and over the course of a week or so until he is only on cows milk, that way it isn't such a shock to him with the change of taste.

My CHN (and most things I've read) recommend not giving cows milk as a drink until 12 months. It's ok in cereal/cooking from about 8 months.

As for how....good question, not having much luck with my 12 month old. He's bf and not really taking to cows milk.

Weird how they say you can give it on weetbix and stuff but not as a drink I reckon. Hmm. I like the idea of slowly adding it to the formula. THat's a goodie, might try that. She scoffs her weetbix down with the regular milk on so maybe that's a good sign...!!!

edit - I think my DD is a little gorgeous sweetie too!! I might be just a teensie bit biased....hehehe
[Edited on 11/03/2009]
i think the reason behind not giving it as a drink is that they don't want people to switch too early and replace breastmilk/formula with the cows milk, as it doesn't have enough nutrients until bubs are on enough solids for their needs!

good luck with the weaning!

Thanks mumJosh smile DD loves her solids so there's no problem there!!! She seems to be losing interest in her bottles too, in favour of solid foods. It is so strange to see her "growing up" so quickly. Sigh!

Hi, My some turned 1 on 20th feb and he is still on both cows milk and formula, he has just decided he does not want his bottles thru the day so he has cows milk in the straw cup thru the day and formula in bottle to go to bed at night.

Will do away with the formula completely soon, but to switch from formuula to cows i just added more cows milk to his bottle of formula and increased it like that - he did not like cows at first but 2 weeks in and he loves it now!

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