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Baby thinking feeding time is play time Lock Rss

I have a 4.5 month old DS and I have just this week started him on his first rice cereal as he is a big boy and 5 x 250ml bottles per day did not seem to fill him up. He was good the first few days but yesterday and today he laughs everytime I put the spoon in his mouth. Is this normal? He eventually swallows it but I am not sure when to start giving him some pureed apple or pear, perhaps he is getting bored with the cereal. I am only giving to him once a day (around 2pm) he sleeps for 3 hours in the pm then.

Please help

DS - Thomas Joseph 21/11/05

Julie, SA, mum to Thomas born 21/11/05

my 5 month old thought it was really funny to begin with as well. but i statred to say the word "open" everytime i put the spoon to her mouth and now she doesn't giggle as much. but i started her when she was 4 months as well and i don't think she was quite sure of what to do with the food she mainly moved it around in her mouth to feel the texture..
its ok he will get used to it before you know it.

mabey even make sure you play with him before feed time, or give him his food before bottle as he will be hungrier and less likely to play

Sounds like his having fun...enjoy!

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi! teenyh,

I wouldn't worry too much! I just think that it is a new thing and he is excited! I don't think you should introduce anything else at this stage...because I think if he was hungry he would eat the daughter was not a big fan of the normal farex when i first started her so I varied it with the pear and banana farex and the banana custard farex - that seemed to keep her happy - and also gave her a variety of flavours!

Good luck! Aletha

Arianna, Reagan & Oakley

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