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I thought someone might have had this problem and may have some suggestions. My DS is nine and a half months old and has all of a sudden gone really fussy with his meals. He has, up to about two weeks ago, been a fairly good eater - some fruit (nana, paw paw, mango), yoghurt, cheese, toast, avocado, vegies, chicken and mince. But in the past two weeks, getting vegies into his mouth at tea-time is torturous. He refuses them and then cries. I'm hoping he's just getting sick of the same thing, time and time again, and that once I mix it up a bit, he might improve. He's got more teeth coming and has been a little sick with a gastro as well, but is better now. I'm running out of ideas of what to offer him - he loves custard too, but I don't want him to get too use to that, especially at night. Does any one have any suggestions/advice ? Also, any suggestions on alternative meals ? I'm going to try some pasta tomorrow night.


lea, fnq

DD goes through similar stages. Some times she will only eat 1 ice cube size solids for dinner, where other times she has eaten upto 7. I am over stressing about it now, mind you - I use to. I don't go to a lot of trouble offering her alternatives anymore as it was just too much trouble, with little result. I have 4-5 veggies and one meat in the freezer to supplement what we are eating. I do find that when she is fussy and not eating much, she still sleeps through the night just fine so I figure she isn't going hungry (also a tubby bubby - LOL).

I like what your suggesting, not getting bubs too use to foods like custard. I've heard a few mums regret getting their babies hooked on sweet stuff, including juice too early.

I often 'hide' DD's veggies in her meat - works a treat, especially things like potato and swede which aren't so tasty on their own. As I flavour the meat when cooking, it has some liquid like gravy so it can made veggies a bit more tasty. I offer veggies to DD on their own, as half the time she likes them. When she is being fussy, I 'hide' them - LOL. Not sure if that will work, no doubt you've probably tried that too !

Best of luck.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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