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My DS just turned 7 month yesterday. Was wondering when we start giving them finger food and what sort to start with? Is it on top of their 3 meals as a starting point for them to learn or give it as a meal?

I just started DD on finger food as a snack after her afternoon sleep. I have given her cheese, a biscuit and grapes so far.

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hi how r u going?

my bub was about 6mths when i started giving him milk arrowroot biscuits ( u just have 2 b careful that they dont take off a huge chunk!) u can start trying your bub on finger food now. i used to give bub some banana ( cut into fingers) just before his lunch, i like banana casue its soft enough for them to "gummy" ( not sure if your bub has teeth!)
u can also try toast fingers, any sort of fruit,
but personally would try banana fingers or toast with vegimite first. luke used to just suck on toast till it was all soggy!!!
but then again, luke is 9mths old and still isn't a huge fan of finger food!!!
but give it a go gasp)
Hi, I started Max on finger food a few weeks ago, the best things so far have been bananna, kiwi fruit which he loves and will eat a whole one, though I actually still hold it most of the time as he tends to just squash it up! have just started him on vegemite on bread cut into fingers which he does hold himself, you just need to use day old white bread as it can stick to the roof of their mouth if to fresh so my chn told me. Also and I haven't tried this yet but will soon my chn told me that I can try him on steamed vegie fingers carrot, zucchini things like that.
I usually give them to him as a snack or after his main meal.
Hope this helps.

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My sons not really a fan of vegimite or marmite. I really want to give him toast fingers. Aside from banana and avocardo, has anyone tried any thing else? Can you put jams on them, butter or other spreads?

What sort of crackers are people giving?

Dianne i also give my son a griffins gingernut my plunket nurse recomended. He has it as a treat and absolutly loves it. It does break as easy as arrowroots and the ginger is good for there tummies


kiwi, 12/10/05

My son is abit older than yours, he is almost 10 months.
He has been eating finger food since he was 6 months. He now eats ~ hot (cooled) chips, nuggets, banana, toast with vegemite, biscuits, fruit cut up small, saltanas, fish fingers, potato cake,and i'm about to introduce steamed vegies.
DS loves finger food but won't eat lumpy baby food... Tipical male!! lol
DH gave DS his first finger food... a mac's chicken nugget. Little bugger ate it with no problems.

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Hey all

My bub has been on finger food for approx a month or so (I started a bit late). He LOVES plain rice cakes which I break up into smaller pieces and he grabs them off me very excitedly and crams them in. He used to suck them but the last few days (now that 2 teeth are coming thru) he is biting them like a big boy! He's also had wholemeal toast fingers with avocado, rusk, pieces of pear, peach, nectarine and banana. All have been successful and he will sometimes pick them off the tray, sometimes I hand them to him. He grabs things really well and puts them straight into his mouth so no probs there.

I tend to give him finger food after his main solid meal or as a separate snack at morning/arvo tea.

Also, my CHN told me Vegemite was too acidic for him at 9 mths and wholemeal bread was better than white because it doesn't have all the extra sugar and isn't as refined/processed. But we all get told different things so do what feels right for you!

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